Thursday, December 30, 2010

A B C D...

Growing up we all learned in school the ABC song. Whether it was in Hebrew or English it was the same song with the same message, teaching you the alphabet. Only when you grow up and become an adult you understand that letters sometimes have deeper meanings.
Lets start with the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet.
A for example can stand for AUDREY that was the first major hurricane (No.4 category), to hit Louisiana in 1957.
B can relate to a B movie, which is basically a bad film.
C of course stands for Celsius, and so on and so fourth.
But here things are a bit different. For us the letter A was always, a special forces guy or a pilot. But recently we had too many "events" in which the letter A took place in more serious aspects of our lives. Nowadays when you think of the letter A you think of rape victims. But hey, lets be optimistic. So far we are only with the letter A. Now how far does the song goes...

Creative of the week

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Internet or fishing net

As always, after Saturday's lunch at my mom's, with the coffee and cakes comes the usual philosophical debates (bullshit talk) on all kinds of ridicules situations. This time It all started with my nephew. My sister told us that wherever he goes, he always carries with him a knife, a lighter and Of course a coffee pack (coffee, sugar etc.). That started the "What would you take to a desert island?". So right then and there, both my other nephew (his brother) and myself jumped and said: "Internet". Because it was obvious for the both of us that once stranded on a deserted island one will encounter a situation in which the Internet will be very important and even more useful than lets say, a sleeping bag for example.
Picture this: I am sitting on a beach, the sun above is pounding and I am dying to eat. Looking through my stuff, I find my knife, which I will use to cut the fish I will catch of course, a lighter I'll use to start the fire on which I'll cook it, and a wireless device of a sort. Now all I have to do is go on Google.
A sea water fish to eat - Search... In less than a second I will receive the pin point location of the best fish that is actually swimming right beside my shores at that moment (with GPS help of course). The second search results of course will be, how to cook it the best and easiest way. So we are all set, we have the fire going, we have the knife all sharpened and the perfect location for the perfect fish.
Cool. Now if only I had a fishing net

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting off - online

How does one go about marketing herself/himself in the field of online sex? Coming from the world of advertising and moving strait into the world of online sex made it clear for me that basically, it isn't that different. Of course there are some differences, but the bottom line is the same: selling a specific product to a specific audience (whether it is a wide or narrow one). Yet, there is a major deference here. In this case the product can literally speak for itself. You basically have a product that keeps marketing itself while "being consumed" by its user/consumer. It's like maybe a book, which previews banners while you are reading it or cheese that while you are eating it you hear a jingle advertising the cheese itself (wow I think I just came up with a great idea).
Like in "mainstream" advertising, here too the better and nicer the package, the more likely the product will be more successful. But still, we can't change the package from time to time and we can't refresh the logo or add ingredients to better the taste. So how does one go about making sure she/he stays ahead of the game and become the leading "product"? Well...that is for me to know and you to find out. You don't expect me to spoon feed you, right?
If I do, I'll be out of a job

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cancel this

Are you sure you want to navigate out of this window? Are you sure you don't want to save this document? Are you sure... every where we go (online that is) at work or sometimes at home, whether it is private or business, interesting or boring, every time we want to leave or do something else we get this message, are you sure. What if life was more Matrix like and we were able to decide we would like to receive this kind of massage before every life changing act? Now, I am not talking about the times we do something stupid and wish that we had an undo button. Think about it! You are standing at the alter about to say yes to your future lifetime wife and right then up pops a message: Are you sure you want to do this? Or... you are thinking of "stealing" the orange in the traffic light? Are you sure you want to do this. This would be fun wouldn't it? But then I thought of the opposite case. Take a situation for example in which your boss is telling you how good you are and how important to the company you are and right when he says he is going to give you a big raise, he will get the message:
Are you sure you want to do this? Well, I will let you think about it for a while before I finish writing this post, because I am sure that right at the end of it I will get a message: Are you sure you want to save this? Hmmm

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you plan, you won't complain

It seems like all we Israelis do, is complain. When it's raining, we complain, when it's not, we complain. When we have someone to do our dirty jobs, we find reasons to complain and when we have problems with them, we complain again. But It doesn't end with complaining. We are now going even further. Now, we actually have a campaign for proving to other people, that we are complaining for a reason. One of our Knesset members (this blogger doesn't believe in naming names), came up with an ingénues plan to show why we complain about the bad influence foreign workers have on our crime rates. He is going to publish ads calling foreign workers to come live in exclusive neighborhoods FOR FREE, what he is not advertising is the fact that they are going to be a part of a social experiment that's supposed to prove his point. This blogger's opinion is, that even though there is a lot of truth to his claim, there are ways of doing things, especially for Jews. Using foreign people as pons in order to prove a point, isn't one of them. Don't you think it will be easer and more humane to just prevent them from coming here in the first place. Oh, what am I saying? planing ahead? I must be joking

Friday, December 10, 2010

Child's play

Returning from a bar last night wasn't easy. I was dead, really dead. I know returning home at 2am is a joke, even in my standards, but I have an excuse. Two nights ago my evening began the usual way. Giving the girls their showers, putting them to bed and then sitting down for dinner and some R & R. hour into my precious relaxation time, all hell broke loos. My younger daughter Romi (whom you heard about in one of my latest posts) woke up with 39.2 temperature, stomach aches and what ever else comes along with a violent stomach virus.
Now, it was like: Let the games begin... We started getting into a repetition of waking up crying, going to the toilets, lying back in bed and only then trowing the hell up (like the scene from "The exorcist" if you are old enough to remember the movie) going to the shower, changing cloths and trying to go back to bed. 30m or so later, the all cycle starts again, getting up, crying, toilet, bed, trowing up, shower, new PJ's and bed. Now multiply all this in about 5 and you find yourself finishing the last rotation at 5.45am. It was like pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock.
The funny thing is, when you talk (well, complain) to the generation before us, i.e. my mom, you realize that apparently everything was peachy back then. Kids were quiet, three of them was the minimum (because things were so easy). So I was thinking to myself, what was it then? I know she's not lying. Then, I reached a conclusion. I think it's like at birth, when the woman's brain releases Endorphin, that basically helps her dealing with and forgetting the pain. Apparently, when you become a grandparent, something releases in your brain that helps you forget, and no, I am not talking about senility. I am talking about what I believe is the definition of Nostalgia. I think, nostalgia is basically a form of history on drugs, self induced or natural, other wise you've got to explain to me, why I am tired, on Friday morning at 10am.
It's not like having kids is hard

Monday, December 6, 2010

Isn't it iconic

Thanks to my new job, I am recently exposed to a lot of online chating. I am happy :-), I am sad :-(, I am... nowadays all our emotions, wants, needs are summed up in emoticons. Emoticons are basically the new manifestation of our subconscious which appears in the form of small icons. Sounds big I know, but really, think about it. Think about your last written conversation, whether it was an email, an SMS or even a short chat with a friend, wasn't there even one emoticon in there ? The funny thing is, because we're now communicating more and more online, (meaning writing instead of actually meeting) we became much more open with our feelings. Apparently it's much easier to open up when you are not doing it face to face (who would have thought). Now, combine our newly achieved emotion openness with our growing laziness, and what do you get? Emoticons

Just wanted to tell you something personal

Friday, December 3, 2010

Talk is cheap

We are now in the midst of one of the worst disasters Israel has ever known. It's a disaster from many points of view. It's a disaster loosing 44 people (and it doesn't matter if they are just travelers or were on the their way to help others). It's a disaster loosing one of the most beautiful places in Israel that will take more than a generation to recover. It's a disaster loosing so many defenseless animals. It's a disaster that we never learn. But the biggest disaster I think, is the hate and stupidity that finds there way to us trough talk-backs. How come disasters bring out the best in some but the worst in others. Why do some people think disasters are the right time to lash out at others (blame or not)? Haven't we learned anything? After seven wars (not including getting bombarded by Irak), endless battles, hundreds of terrorist acts, thousands of dead and tens of thousands wounded. I guess we didn't. I believe (and maybe I am over reacting, but I don't believe I am) talk-backs are the mirror of our society and the image reflecting from it, is not a pretty one.
So please, no talk-back here this time

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The world belongs to the young, but how young

It's sad but true. The world does belong to the young and it's getting younger as I am writing this post. Take for example the leader of the free world, Barak Obama was elected at 47, Sergey Brin founded Google at 25, Mark Zuckerberg lunched Facebook at 20, Shawn Fanning is famous for developing Napster at 18 and... They may not all rule the world but you must agree the world does belongs to them. Two days ago my wife was putting my 3.5 years old daughter Romi to bed. Right after she finished reading her a bed time story, my daughter turn to her (wearing her pj's with a dummy in each hand) and said: "Mumy, do you want me to explain to you how to rule the world?" Now my first reaction was probably the same as yours, laughter. But when I regained consciousness I realized something. What if while we are laughing our heads off my 3.5 years old daughter is thinking of the next big thing OR she really is thinking of how to rule the world.
Dr. Evil, watch your back

Friday, November 26, 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a bunny

Know your facts I say. As kids you surly heard from your mom, more than once, the phrase: "Count to ten before you talk". Well apparently some of us didn't listen. Everyone that works or ever worked in advertising knows you must check the facts before publishing anything. I guess Geler Nesis (the ad agency who's in charge of the latest fiasco) didn't think it is necessary. A few weeks ago I've notice a really curious teaser for a new campaign. In the teaser you sew a hare (bunny) with a tag line saying: "Jonathan 35, Raanana", that's all. I found it quiet amusing and intriguing. A few day ago I saw the campaign it self... the same cute bunny appears and underneath some pills and a new tag line saying: "Don't be a guinea pig, buy only subscription medicine", which in Hebrew, the saying is with Hyrax (comes from Greek meaning, shrew mouse, a bunny of a sort without the big ears), instead of a guinea pig. So basically it is like saying: "Don't be a Guinea pig" and use a rat as the main visual.
It's beginning to happen on a weekly basis, that I find myself writing about "Fuck ups" of the Israeli ad agencies. I think we've all had enough being their Guinea pigs.
So next time you guys have a great creative thought, please count to ten

Monday, November 22, 2010

Face off

Once again our country's leadership is trying it's best to make this place a worst place to live in. This time it's a third coal powered electric power station that's about to be built. Of course most of the people here are oblivious to what is going on or they just don't care anymore. But some of us still do care, not from Zionist reasons but because we still live here. So, Greenpeace Israel came out with a different and creative way to protest, not in the streets and not by chasing boats at sea but in a respectable art gallery. They took celebs and shot them buried in coal.
I must admit some of the photos look amazing regardless of the cause. Greenpeace went even further and put up a web site in which everybody can upload his or hers picture and take part of this protest. But still I think (I believe that Greenpeace do to otherwise they wouldn't have come up with the web site) with all due respect to the celebs it's the real people that should take part in this campaign because they will be the ones who will suffer the most.
That's why I got my little one to join, so at least she can say she is fighting for her future

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reversal of fortune

Who would have thought. We all know the phrase (I even used it here before): Sex Sells. Through the years we have seen sex being used for advertising all sorts of things from lingerie to cars and even food. It's true recently it has diminished substantially but didn't really disappear completely. But I have got to admit, I was quite surprised when I stumbled upon this print campaign for a web site that deals in live sex chats and other explicit sexual content. Now, this campaign not only doesn't use sex upfront, it actually doesn't use sex at all! What can I say? I am not so sure this ad is very understandable or will even do the job, but I do know it made me look at the site, but hey, I work for the competitors. So I will let you be the judge of that

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Social? Network

On Thursday I saw the talked about movie "The social network", I must admit I was positively surprised. The movie was well made. Great unknown cast (well except J.T maybe) the story is obviously great and even the music worked. It's seldom that a movie sticks with me for more than a day, but this one still does. I admit, the man is an amazing genius and even though he may or may not come up with the idea by himself (i.e Bill Gates) he still created a world changing platform, but... at what cost? The thing that still puzzles me is the fact that he started this as a social thing in which he could basically get some sort of a social life and maybe his girl back in the process (the one he so vividly dist' on his blog). So why the hell and for what reason did he have to fuck his best and only friend.
The same friend who gave him the algorithm for his first site, the only one who put out with his bullshit the all time, the one who believed in him and the one who financed the all thing to begin with.
Well... I think if he is such a genius let him try and explain this, if not to me at least to the world. Because if money is not the object, and friends aren't defiantly it, what is it then...boredom

Friday, November 12, 2010


It's days like these that make me feel ashamed to be in advertising. Once is a fluke, twice can be coincidence but ... even here on May 20, I posted another copied campaign but this time, not only is it copied but from a running campaign that actually won a prize at Cannes festival (so there is no chance they didn't see it before) but also copied by a leading ad agency here in Israel. I say there has to be a limit to dis'ing us, yes us I am a customer as well as an advertiser. But hey, you be the judge

The original

The copy

Try to enjoy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Truth be told

I am luck, I have a nephew who leaves in Canada (that's not why I am lucky) he is a young, cool student who thank god is connected to everything that's out there, so every now and then I hear through him of something new (new to me that is) which I should have heard before but DIDN'T! See wolfatadoor's blog in my Blogbuster.
A short while a ago he had told me about a group called The Yes Men. This group claims to deal with Identity Corrections, which basically means (by their own words): "Impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them". The first time I read this tag-line I fell in love with this group. Of course criminals by their definition are major companies which put profits over anything else, that means the earth, it's inhabitants and so on and so fourth. The thing I love the most (being an advertiser that is) is the fact that they use the exact stage the companies do in order to inflict their damage. Now, if you live in Israel you are not really exposed to most of their work but I am sure you will agree with me that we can supply tons of work for them here.
So go visit them at and start saying no

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just doing it

No I am not talking about my new job this time, I am talking about the thing I am most passionate about: Basketball. Well after my family, which of course I am the most passionate about. But then Basketball, well OK after sex, but that's it. Hmmm... and after advertising and maybe good restaurants. But yes, Basketball is definitely the thing I am most passionate about. Every week I play with friends in a far away Basketball court which takes me 40 minutes to reach and 20 minutes to return (no traffic at night) and still I do this every week. So what is it then that makes us so passionate about some thing more than others and makes us do almost anything to make them happen?
For me at least, it's all to do with things that make you feel free. Not free in the sense of personal freedom but more in the sense of freeing your mind. A thing that makes you not think of anything but the act itself. Last night I Played Basketball like I do every Tuesday and I had some pretty nice moves. After the game the effect on me was so powerful that it seems like all the drive back my mind was numb and completely at peace (no there is no hidden political message here nor against drugs) I just wanted to see if you are passionate about anything else but my new job

Monday, November 1, 2010

The world after solitaire

I still can't get use to the idea. Usually when you're at work somewhere and you have a bit of free time, you sometimes choose to use it for playing solitaire or surfing the web for porn. Of course you try to do it under the radar. Now if the boss is around, you do your best to hide it well and act busy. Today I set down with my new boss, the company's C.E.O (a really nice guy), it was my first day, so he wanted to show me the ropes. He started going through the company's sex chat sites while explaining to me the company's future changes which I am a part of. You must admit, this is all very surreal. But, I also found it very refreshing. Not the sex sites, (although they can be very refreshing), but the all change of atmosphere, different people, different clients and overall different work. I mean sure, you still have to be highly creative (which I am, sorry for not being very modest) but the outlet will be completely different. Now, instead of selling stuff using sex I will sell sex using different stuff.
I feel this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time off from time off

After signing the contract yesterday I suddenly realized I am giving up my free time. I am actually going back to work in an office, this is not an easy thing for me. I have decided, I will try and focus on the positive things about all this, like I always do. So I started thinking about the money and the fact that it is important for me to give my brain a good workout, plus meeting new people and maybe travel abroad for work sometimes. I realized it's not that bad, but still I am giving up my free time. For example, I am writing this post from my sofa at home it's 8:00am and I am not planing to go anywhere till noon. So what is free time really all about and why is it so important? Well first of all, I think it's the fact you can do what you like when you like, without having to answer to anyone. But the real big thing about having free time is that time doesn't fly by. Of course when you are young and living by yourself it doesn't really matter, but now, well apparently it does. Once, your free time was just free time, now it has a price tag (an expensive one) because you have a family, a mortgage and all sort of expenses you never had before. Well I don't want to sound like I am complaining, but I am selling out, I am giving up my free time for a fist full of dollars (euro will do). I guess I just need some time off

Friday, October 15, 2010

A star is porn

Please give it up for the next big thing in the online sex industry. I just got a position (well not a position per say, yet) in a large internet company that develops top of the line technology for video chatting. Their main business, are 6 sites, for now that is (no you can't have the addresses yet, you horny buggers), that hosts women and men from around the world who keeps themselves busy by talking to each other on line (well, having self sufficient sex). I of course am going to be the creative director in this company, in charge of all the designers and copy writers and some more administrative stuff, but what does it all really mean... well I am not so sure yet. Because the girls on the other side of the screen basically know what to do and the guys who chat with them I believe can be creative on there own. So maybe, my job is just to make shit loads of money and try to keep everything looking great and professional. Because, we already know sex sells, but it only depends if you are willing to buy and I am willing

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In god we trust

It's a bit strange, but the biggest news story in advertising today is TRIO being bought out by AFIKIM (an ultra-orthodox ad agency). Now, if you are a secular person, you wouldn't understand the immensity of this merge. But in a world in which there are only three major players (not like around 20 in the non religious market) it's a giant step that probably propels AFIKIM straight into leadership. Yet still, it's just a business.
A question that was being asked for a long time by my friends and myself is: "Do the ultra-orthodox advertising people don't care about anything else but money? doesn't good advertising count?" For me, as an advertiser, after working in this sector for 4 years it''s still puzzling. From experience, I know some people who do care and actually changed the ultra-orthodox market, with sharp and intelligent creative work, but since most of them left, things seem to slip back into incoherence. So, let's just hope the new APEK-AFIKIM group will do more than just merge and give us something to write home about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Holy Trinity

Last week a new campaign had it's debut on T.V., billboards and basically everywhere you looked. I am of course talking about Y&R's campaign for the new real estate project in Tel Aviv by Gindi. The campaign claims that something that happens only once every 100 years is happening now in Tel Aviv. In a way it's true, it's the first time (so I have heard) that a company spends on an opening campaign an estimated 30,000,000. The project will cover 3,000 sq meters and will include 3,000 flats (do you see a pattern here?), well I did. I decided that this thing is too be big to be ignored. So, I started a new trinity campaign of my own. Yesterday was my wife's birthday, so I did as follows: I bought her an i pad that costs around 3,000, we went for sushi at Onami which came to exactly 300 and when we came home, well...
I can tel you it wasn't 30 times, but there was definitely a divine intervention

Creative of the week

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Music to my ears

Two nights ago me my wife and the girls went to a rave (a trance party) on the beach. We arrived early to get a good spot for the tent and basically, got the best place around, straight across from the main tent and the stage of the D.J's. It started of slow but then just like any good rave people started poring in and kept on coming till the after party the next morning. The music was great there were 6 or more D.J's each with his unique sound and two live shows. One of which was this girl playing trance music on a Didgeridoo, that was the most amazing thing I heard (I was on no drugs ye). I have to remind you people I am not 16 any more but still, there is something about these parties and this kind of music that keeps your heart pumping. Of course it was all a new experience for me being in a rave with my girls (3 and 5), so the things you enjoy, except the music of course are a bit different now.
Picture this, I am sitting on the beach at a rave, the music is pounding all around and everybody there is in some kind of a trance, some chemically induced, others are in a natural high (like your truly), it's 4 am, all of a sudden out of the tent comes my 5 year old Yuli, sits down with me without saying a word. We are both covered by a blanket sitting quietly and just waiting for the sunrise.
Now, can you think of a stronger buzz

Monday, September 27, 2010

Go to Gaza

In Israel there is an old saying: "Go to Gaza". In a case somebody did something irritating to someone else, this colorful sentence would have been used vividly. But things have changed around here. Gaza, that for years had a reputation of being a hell hole hasn't really changed much, what did change is the fact that more and more bleeding heart Israelis WANT to go to Gaza.
As you are reading this blog there is a new ship on rout to Gaza and on it are Israelis and American Jews. This time the ship supposedly (again) has no weapons on board, instead it only carries a speech which the people on board will read out loud to our soldiers calling them to refuse "illegal" orders.
This blogger's opinion is: Lets send a destroyer to welcome them into our territorial waters with a big banner saying: "GO TO GAZA", but first of course, take them on a tour of our prison system and show them what it feels like to refuse orders

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you believe

Yom Kippur is upon us and with it come deep thoughts (at least for my daughter), existential thoughts, about why do people fast and why doesn't anyone drive or why do people believe and of course do you (me that is)!? Now, trying to explain to a 5 year old isn't easy (and not because she is not smart enough to understand), the fasting element is easy and even the absent of driving, but try to explain the part about believing or lack of and you find your self making excuses and of course blaming the entire clan before you for why you don't. After wiggling for and hour, you hear you daughter saying: "when I grow up I don't want to believe to". Now you don't really know how to feel about it let alone how to react. Do you react like a proud dad, happy that your child is following your footsteps or you start another long conversation about why it is best to understand before actually deciding on such matters. Well of course yours truly started the extra debate, that surprisingly went OK and we decided not to decide. But then I remembered we forgot to talk about asking for forgiveness.
So I am really not sorry for not fasting and I am not sorry (sis) for not believing I should be sorry.
But I do believe in something, I believe I never did anything to anyone that justifies me going on a hunger strike .
Gmar Htima Tova and remember: The truth is out there

Sunday, September 12, 2010

To whom it may concern

I often wonder who is the person behind: To whom it may concern.
Who does he think he is and why is all the secrecy?
I just had to send a business proposal for work I wish to get and the e-mail was of course titled:
To whom it may concern. Now if the work is real and the person behind it is real, why not just identify oneself? We on the other hand state our name (it's actually the first thing we do) very clearly. I do hope this thing it not an Israeli thing and all of us, all over suffer from it (you know, misery prefers company). But seriously, I think it just looks unprofessional. You are looking to hire someone or start working with him so what is the point of all this, why not come clean?!
I figured it out... To whom it may concern, actually means:
Are you ready?
I don't really want to talk to you and I probably won't even read your mail, but sent it anyway because, well, it doesn't concern you

Monday, September 6, 2010

Marketing: the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services.
Walking through the Market (any market that is) one can't help wondering, is marketing redundant or is it just a tool for the rich. The only kind of marketing you can hope to find in the market is "direct marketing" at best, which of course appears in the form of the shouting of the vendors. But, how dose it work? I know for a fact some people (including yours truly) love going to the market, regardless of the low costs. So, what is it then, and is marketing indeed a thing of the past? Well as an advertiser I don't think so. On the contrary, I think the market developed (without any intent) a different form of marketing which lacks any strategy, I call it ING (marketing).
The market became a brand, and this brand even has a U.S.P (unique selling proposition - to those of you who live outside the advertising bubble). If you ask any one, what does the market stand for, I am sure that the low prices wouldn't be at the top of their mind. The atmosphere, the smells, the hustle and bustle lets call it a different shopping experience and oh yes it is cheaper. But still without any marketing and advertising how do the people know about all that?
Well another form of marketing is of course M.T.E (mouth to ear), this form of marketing seems to work wonderfully in this case. So I think we can all agree that the market implements the best form of marketing:
Free and Profitable.
The only problem is, you can't use it, because actually it uses you

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The art of noise

I don't know if you can relate (although most of you are either as old as me or just young family men/women) but for a family man, Saturday mornings are supposed to be all about sleeping in and relaxing. Well... tell this to my kids. So, you wake up earlier than the birds and your relaxed Saturday starts off with, DAD I want SHOKO. Of course by then the other energizer wakes up and joins the fun, DAD I want SHOKO. Now, usually that's not a big deal but remember it's Saturday and this is only the beginning. Now you think to your self: "what are we going to do today?", since we have a new house staying in sounds nice, but we can't stay by ourselves, so, "who are we going to invite?" After an hour or two you find your self still at home, it's 10 o'clock, your friends came over and now you got five, not two, midgets running around you with a strange craving to destroy something. So after awhile you decide with your friends, "we need an outlet for this erupting energy, plus it's getting time to eat " (of course we are not about to destroy the our new home while doing so) so we all decide it will be wiser to eat out. Hmmmmm true, your house stays intact, but your sanity doesn't. After lunch at a restaurant with Dennis the menace and Co. you go back home to salvage what's left of your "relaxing" Saturday (or that's what you think). Now, It's shower time (if they agree of course), a bit of T.V. and we are of to bed. It's half past nine and your wife gets out of their bedroom with a face that's saying: " I hope you are self sufficient".
Finally, around ten you have your Saturday back, the kids are in bed sleeping and your wife is on the sofa, sleeping and all you can think of while zapping through the channels is:
"Thank god it's Sunday tomorrow, I can have some rest at work"

6:40: DAD I want SHOKO

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halt! das is zimmer

When you take the German word ZIMMER to it's original meaning: A small room with shower and toilets (nothing that even resembles vacation is mentioned in the word's interpretation) it makes you wonder, when did we embrace this German word and topped it with our need to relax and spend money. Every week you hear of a new word that the Hebrew Language Academy comes up with, why not for Zimmer.
We just came back from five days in one of these Zimmers up north and the one thing you can not call it, is: A small room with shower and toilets. Nowadays Zimmers are equipped with much more. You have a nice BIG room, usually made of wood (because we are in the snowy mountains of Europe) a giant jacuzzi, a small but nice kitchenette and of course an LCD screen with a surround sound system. Oh yes even a nice pool. So I guess since we are no longer living in Nazi Germany we can enjoy a nice Zimmer even without dreaming we are in beautiful Germany and spend a lot of money while doing so, as long as we don't get there by train

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In-ception, Out-the rest

Not since THE MATRIX have I seen such a captivating movie. I just came back from watching INCEPTION and well, what can I say. First of all, respect to Christopher Nolan on such an amazing script (even though some aspects of it reminded me of DARK CITY). Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a terrific job as always, the effects are phenomenal and the movie as a whole was a treat to every sense in the body. I must admit, the last half minute (to my opinion) was a bit predictable and "American", but truthfully, I can't think of a better ending (as of now, give me some time). I do still think this is by far the best film I have seen these last few years, so just go... no actually run to see it, because you need to wake up and start dreaming

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nowadays, it seems like every movie comes in 3D. I for one think that enough is enough. Really, I too love a good 3D movie, but come on, every movie? Even dance movies like "Step up" got 3D, who wants to see dancing in 3D? If I wanted to do so I would go and see a live show. But... when thing are done the right way or the PIXAR way, it sure looks good. Yesterday I went to see TOY STORY 3 a true legacy in animation motion pictures. Lets not forget TOY STORY was the actual first full length animation movie. So it's true, since then PIXAR had succeeded to do what no other film company did, that is having a bigger success in every new film they came out with. TOY STORY 3 doesn't look like it's going to brake the mold. The film was great, the story was fun, the characters were lovable and even the 3D effect was right on the money. Yes, I think PIXAR has done it again. Unlike SHREK or a few other good movies that couldn't hold the weight of success, it seems like PIXAR by taking their time, only did good to this wonderful movie. So if you are young or young at heart, go and have fun

Friday, August 13, 2010

Copy or original

In this case the copy is completely original. I guess I can take some credit and say it runs in the family or at least rubs off but the truth is that Maya (my other half) has got it. After I have been suffering from mental animals in my house Maya started to realize that some of her animals are in fact f...up, so... she came up with a great tag line for a pet specialist: PHYCOPET
Now, if one of you readers is in fact a pet psychologist we (I mean Maya) will gladly sell you the tag line. Hey, we need money for the armchairs don't forget

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brand and butter

As you all know I am designing my new house and in a relentless chase after the right furniture. But as usual the chase changes into a formula of: design - brand - price. Finally you find what you are looking for but of course the really nice things are usually the most expensive brands out there, Italian designers, special interior design stores and so on and so fourth. So what on earth do you do? Do you buy what you found (after looking for two months) even though it's ridiculously expensive? Or you find a way to manufacture the piece (which sometimes will cost the same), or even go as far as compromising and buying something else? Well, I don't believe in compromising. So for now I guess I am staying without a few necessary furniture, but hey, at least I am not compromising. I guess my tomb stone it will say: "He sat on the floor, but he didn't compromise". But you must admit, I do have impeccable taste

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have a sit

Designing your new home is a fun but very daunting job. The renovations, painting and so on and so fourth are basically the easy part, finding the right furniture is the real hassle. For the past month we've been watching T.V. with a sore neck from our new bespoke sofa. We decided the design needs a massive sofa on the side and two armchairs facing the T.V. wall to complete the living room design. But... now the hassle starts.
Have you ever had a picture in your head you desperately tried to turn into reality, only to realize not every designer out there sees things the way you do? (bummer).
But a true dreamer, doesn't give up. So I will keep on looking, surfing, browsing and window shopping until I will "find what I am looking for", and if not, maybe I will just do it myself.
So if you will see me (or Maya) walking in a weird pose or just with a stiff neck, know we've yet to find our elusive armchair

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Signed sealed and delivered

Seal proved to us once more that he belong on stage (when he is not with Heidi). Last night we went out to watch him in concert. Now, the man is a great singer there is no doubt, but we didn't expect (at least I didn't) such a performer. From the get going it was obvious it's going to be a great show. He gave it all, he was warm to us the audience, he was hyper and full of energy that rubbed on who ever was there and his voice sounded great. The sound system was out of this world and the whole show felt like it was produced especially for us, as if it was a private show for his few thousands closest friends.

well, obviously there isn't a real point to this post, just wanted to share this experience with you

Friday, July 16, 2010

Size doesn't matter

We've just moved into a new place (Mazal Tov, thank you), it's a garden flat and outside in the front garden there is a little shed. Today, after a fortnight of living in this place I've decided to take all the unnecessary and less necessary stuff and put it out of sight in the shed. Now this shed is quit small and I have a lot of stuff. So... I started organizing and designing this small space and started putting things inside. More and more one thing after another and everything (and I mean everything) fitted inside and I have room to move. The moral of the story is simple:
SIZE DOESN'T MATTER, when you need to push something into a small space,
it's not the size, it's the system, the patience and the heat.
But lets all not forget why we are doing it. its not for more space and it's not from Boredom, it's for the pure unadulterated satisfaction when you come... to the end

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just fake it

Really, come on, didn't we talk about it just recently? About ad agencies not being original? What is going on? I am talking about the last Nissan Qashqai campaign of course. Doesn't it remind you of something, especially the ending (only not made as well as...) Well if we are broadcasting on the same wave length, you know I am talking about the wonderful, timeless Sony Bravia
"colour like no other" campaign
So enjoy the original and... do what ever you wish with the fake

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Finally, I found some peace and quiet so I can write to you on my blog (I know you have been waiting for it impatiently). Actually I missed writing much more than you missed reading. Last few weeks I was busy moving to my new place, while working hard on a project I run now (a house we are renovating), while painting and designing my new place, while painting my old apartment and... dealing with my advertising clients all at once. So I am challenging you my readers to find me an extra hour (prizes will be given of course). When you think about it, it's amazing how much we can accomplish in such little time. Some of us who worked in an ad agency know exactly what I am talking about. But still even when we do accomplish a lot it doesn't mean we do a good job. So yes me too, perfect as I am, need an extra hour. So pick up the glove and find me an extra hour.
Even if it takes you more time than you have

Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't forget the credit

That's a line I must have said at least a million times. There is a place of honor on any ad or T.V. campaign for the agency's credit. Now, lets think for a second, why? Israel is the only place in the world (to my knowledge) in which ad agencies use credits on their work. It is quite funny when the definition of the word credit is: the artistic or intellectual sense refers to an acknowledgment of those who contributed to a work, whether through ideas or in a more direct sense. So isn't it more logical to give the audience a chance to acknowledge the work before we decide to give it credit ourselves?
Has I mentioned before, I too have sinned and put credit on work we did but even then,
it wasn't that innocent. Because in the case of bad looking ads (you know, the ones the client designed) we didn't put any credit. So, it shows, that we know we are pushing it. I think we should stop being afraid and forget the credits, (some of us are good enough) unless of course we receive it from our viewers, and then it is twice as nice.
For those who don't agree, well, I think you don't deserve the credit

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

War of the worlds - or war of the brands

When you think of wars and the players who run them, you can't help but wonder, who's the winner? Of course each side claims to have won, but in the absence of referees, well...
so if there is no winner and it's just going on and on, can we stop and continue tomorrow? and for the love of god who sponsors all this?
Well life isn't sports and wars are not a game. But a game on the other hand, can be war.
Two days, five sets, ten hours and two modern days gladiators have proven (and will keep on doing so tomorrow) to us what is it like to go to war and fight like lions, for the win (and for the sponsor). This time it is Nike against Lacoste, U.S.A against France or just Isner vs. Mahut. It doesn't really matter, because in a game (not like in war) everyone's a winner. The players, both winner and looser, will become richer. The brand they represent will become even more known. Even the country they came from will earn the respect. So... what have we learned boys and girls? I think I can quote Edwin Starr when I say:
"War, what is good for? absolutely nothing!" well except for the sponsors of course

Monday, June 21, 2010

You can take it to the bank

Just when I thought customer service in Israel has improved a tiny bit, it hit me right in the face. This morning I went to the bank for what seemingly was a simple request. All I needed is a letter proving I am the rightful owner of my account. That means an easy to fill out form, that has my name and I.D. number plus my bank account number with the signature of the bank at the bottom. Well... it was even easier than I thought, but also MORE EXPENSIVE. Why for god's sake should I have to pay, in my bank, at my branch, with my money 42 NIS for this silly note.
Of course after a bit of unnecessary and wasted 15 minutes of nerves I didn't pay a cent,
but the real question here is why? Why did we have to waste our time, when clearly we didn't have to. Isn't that the core of customer service, solving problems before they occur

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money isn't everything

Not many people know, that you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to upgrade your life. You want to improve the way your place looks, you are dieing for it to look like the houses in the top architectural magazines, but you think to yourself "one day when I'll have enough money". True, designers (good ones) do charge an harm and a leg, but... some designers find it important to spread the message of design to does who can't or choose not to spend tons of money. Such designers are my two sisters. Their business caters to those who want and crave design, but choose to do up one room in the house or an office. Those who appreciate good design but don't believe they should go bankrupt for it.
Basically you! So... if you are thinking of upgrading your life, think no more, just call

"עיצוב בתיקצוב": הדר: 0544-540954 או יפעת: 0546-798762

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Give me L, give me o, give me g, give me o

Last week I was asked by a new client, how much will I charge for designing a new logo for his company.
"Well, how much is it worth for you" I asked?
"I don't really know" he replayed.
"OK then, lets break it down. What is a logo? What does it stand for?
Basically, it is the first and sometimes only meeting point between your company or product and the public. And lets see, probably all your marketing plans, all the campaigns, all the road shows you attend, practically all the money you spend is for making the logo a famous icon (brand). So people will get familiar with it, remember it, choose it (or the product or service it stands for), and then prefer it to other brands.
So... what is it worth for you now? I urged" .
"I think I should make you my partner" he replayed".
"No thanks" I said: "just give me...$, and you can write it as an expense"

I am too busy writing my blog

Creative of the week

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adam's Apple

Let me start by saying I am a mac person, there for I love anything to do with Apple. Lets go back to the book of Genesis. "God" told Adam and Eve to enjoy what ever the Garden of Eden has to offer except for the tree of knowledge. Of course Adam and Eve disobeyed and devoured the Apple (an apple at least according to Milton, but lets say it was an apple). Apparently since the down of civilization people have been craving the Apple, from Adam and Eve to Snow white and lots more until of course Apple (did I mentioned I love Apple). Yesterday Apple announced the iphone 4G. It's going to be an amazing gadget of course but... with all due respect (and there is respect) how can Apple come out with a campaign which emphasizes the secondary camera. Come on Apple you can do better then that. Don't try to be like everybody else, you are better, you are different, YOU ARE APPLE.
Sorry, campaign not approved

Monday, June 7, 2010

The coaching game

I always new what I want from life, work less, earn more. It's true, that has been my life's strategy since I can remember my self. A few months ago (to those who don't know) I took a wild turn in my life and completely changed course. I used to work in an office now I am working out side, I used to be in charge of a large group of people but now I am only in charge of my self, but through all this one thing hasn't changed a bit, I kept my strategy. A week a go I met with a client of mine who is a personal trainer. We set down to discuss the work I am doing for her and in the process we "played" a short coaching "game". This so called game (which was very insightful) proved to me once again that I still follow my doctrine, work less earn more. Unfortunately we all know that strategies sometimes stay as only strategies.
So... I am not exactly there yet, but hey, at least I am on the right track

P.S. I still appreciate good creative work

Friday, June 4, 2010

Silent voice

Forgive me for writing on same issue. But once again we can learn, that sometimes even with no budget at all and the smallest campaign, without even a slogan, things can get pretty powerful. Look what one kid equipped with one logo with only two colors does when targeted to the right audience and used in the right context

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creative of the week

A nice ad beautifully done, dedicated to Dr. R Mizikovsky
my dreams producer. Enjoy

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fighting Windmills

Once again we have proven to ourselves and to the world, we are fighting windmills. How can we win anything when we try to explain while the other side uses propaganda, when we use democracy and the other side have dictators, how can we expect to be heard when we can offer the world "nothing" (except maybe: Nobel prices, medical marvels, amazing agriculture unbelievable hi-tech inventions etc.) and the other side is offering, oil? Really you can't expect us to win against a windmill.
Lets face it, we are not like Don kihote, he had help, Sancho Panza, who do we have, America? Come on, at least Sancho loved his master and didn't suffer from double standards.
I believe this is one campaign we can't sell, not even to ourselves. Don't get me wrong I am behind our soldiers 100%, but they like us are fighting windmills. One thing I am sorry about...
I don't know how to say to the world, Fuck You in Turkish

Friday, May 28, 2010

Patriot games

In the past few years we are bombarded with colorful, technical, professional and foreign looking campaigns. Now, we do have in Israel really talented creative, technical and professional people (and no I am not being patriotic just honest) as proven year after year at the Clio and a few other creative competitions.
So I ask myself why? Do we hate ourselves so much that we are not able to buy anything unless it's "not from here"? I am not saying I didn't have my share of "Americanization" but still, what's up? Why can't we have a colorful, technical, professional Israeli looking campaigns.
I'll tell you why... Because it is a common thought orattitude that all Israelis are lacking the capability to grasp something more than G. Yafit or Goldstar beer (no offense). I am sorry, I beg to differ, It's about time WE start selling ourselves as smarter more sophisticated audience, because face it advertisers, we are basically downgrading ourselves

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

A test for stupidity

This year the test for stupidity came in the form of a leaked Math Test.
Now, back in the day, if something like that would have suddenly fallen in our laps, a few "smart" steps would have been taken. First of all of course, we'd BE QUIET ABOUT IT, next we would have passed it on to a few selected friends, but what ever we would have done we most certainly not publish the fact we had it. True, back then we didn't have the Internet so subsequently we didn't have Facebook, but still, I believe (or dieing to believe) we weren't that stupid. So, I think it is a waste of time to test these kids because what ever score they get, well... in the words of Hommer Simpson: Dhoo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Different? - I don't think so

The first thing you (creative "person") will say to a new client is: "I think different". Yes I know you see other agencies, but we really do think different, plus of course, we'll be cheaper and you will be our main client (and more bullshit), but first of all, different. Do you really (I say you because, I know I do) mean that? Because I am puzzled. People, explain to me how come two ad agencies, both Israeli, Both represent a large beverage company (both think different, not) come out with an almost the same campaign slogan?
Of course I am talking about SCHWEPPES (drink different) on one hand and SKOL (it's different) on the other. I bet you the client is thinking something different now, a different agency maybe? well if he is not he deserves it

Monday, May 17, 2010

All the money in the world

We all know, in order to succeed you need money.
We start with a product, we then map the target markets and of course hire the best campaign manager and creative people money can buy. Now, we start the campaign: we choose fonts and colors, design a logo and sometimes even look for sponsors to help us with the expenses. Soon enough our product becomes an international brand. A few years go by and business is doing great. But slowly, things are changing, we start loosing major markets abroad (even markets we always dominated at home) to our competitors (smaller ones) and in the process the brand itself looses face. You start wondering is the product not what it use to be? should we change a sponsor (oh we did) should we change COLORS?
Wow, let not get ahead of ourselves, it's just basketball
oops we actually won

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mail me a cup of coffee please

It seems like as we grow up and become modernized (mostly by default) we start communicating with each other in a less personal way. If you think about it, we started conversing face to face, then moved to telegrams and letters. From there we switched to phone and fax and moved on to chatting online: I.C.Q, Messenger and so on and so forth. Now we really outdone ourselves, we chat through the e-mail. We took a "harmless" form of electronic mailing and turned it into a chat room. Just the other day I got an e-mail saying: "can you pick up the phone". Is big brother looking at us 24/7? Is it no longer OK to not answer your cell, because "if you have a cell phone why are you not answering it"?
I a wondering whats next? Have we lost our freedom completely? Or just our free time is forever gone? Well don't expect me to give you the answer (I tried but you were of line).


Monday, May 10, 2010

Halley's comment

My blog now is about one month young, that's kind of new, but for me it's a long time in which I have been sharing my thoughts with total strangers. So I have been asking myself why? Why does anyone opens a blog? Is it boredom? Is it to much free time? Well, I am not board and the free time that I do have is used for other stuff too. So I guess it must be the comments people leave on the blog. But if you think about it, it's even worst then an argument. If the comments are good cool, but if they are not, it's basically a one sided argument in which you can never win. First of all you can't replay to the comments (unless you comment yourself and everyone will agree it's pathetic) and second, usually the bad ones are posted as anonymous (cowards). So what have we learned (not much I guess)? According to Wikipedia: a comment is generally a verbal or written remark often related to an added piece of information, or an observation or statement. I think a comment is much more, I think it symbolizes the yearning of people to express them selves, for good or for bad. So I am very happy I created a platform for people to do such that.
So come on feel free to comment, I am not going to judge you, It's probably going to be anonymously anyway

Friday, May 7, 2010

The end of innocence, mine

For those of you who don't know, my most recent job was V.P. creative at Gal ad agency. Gal specializes in the ultra-orthodox market. One of our leading clients was Tnuva (which I am sure you are all familiar with). During my work there we produced some really nice creative work for this client (not an easy one). Everything went well until one day our "partner" in the non religious market took our ad and copied it for the same client in an embarrassing way (for him). At first we got upset, but on the other hand, we felt complimented, because it was the biggest ad agency in Israel.
A few weeks ago I uploaded an ad we designed for the same client to this blog, so you can imagine my surprise when two nights ago I catch on T.V a copy of this ad, again from the same agency.
I seriously doubt there are no more original ideas out there, so whats up? Are we really so lazy? And don't tell me that great minds think alike, because even when they do, lightning doesn't strike twice.

Sorry for the poor picture quality it's was taken with my cell phone from the T.V

V.P Creative: Me
Creative Director + copy:
Asaf Hammer
Art Director + 3D:
Robert Mizikovsky

Thursday, May 6, 2010

To see or not to see

Thank god for censorship, Not. I myself am willing to bend the rules sometimes, in this case, suffer the censorship inflicted on the naked man in order to be able to gaze at the beautiful, perfect, stunning (and so on and so forth), form of the six "extras" without any censorship. For once I don't really have a point, but sometimes in the name of art, people must compromise. So i am posting this censored ad for Guitar Hero 5 for your enjoyment and hope you will be able to imagine it a bit different. For all you women out there I suggest you enjoy the camera tricks, editing, music or what ever makes you happy, or maybe you too... mmm that's a thought

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lets face it

Well, lets. There is no doubt that Facebook has embedded itself in our day to day lives. From a social network to a social status in a heart beat. The more friends you have the better (it really doesn't matter if they are really your friends). Not only you are a cool dud (or what ever the phrase is today) you can actually make money. Advertising agencies understood a long time ago that Facebook is a potential gold mine and started using the social networks as another form of media. It's actually the first time everyone profits: the client has his word out to his target market, the agency of course and the people on Facebook who either make money or get presents and discounts. It's not that I think everything is perfect all of a sudden, but I do like advertising in the 21st century. More "personal" more one on one, more creative thoughts and solutions, so "I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship" between advertiser and client.
So in conclusion I will end with the words of someone on Facebook, but with a twist:
A pink world you purchase though red eyes

Sunday, May 2, 2010

LG or Branding a jewish holiday

What is the definition of a brand? Well according to Wikipedia, the word brand began simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. But how does one go about branding a Jewish holiday? Media, media and more media, well in this case it was more M.T.E (Mouth to ear) and wallah we got L"G Ba'omer, a well branded and well known holiday.
If you think about it, the bonfire was one of the first form of communication i.e media, so L"G Ba'omer is truly the first advertisers holiday. So when you see an ad campaign for LG or just the LG logo somewhere around the world, don't forget, we had that brand first (we just never got around to purchasing the domain). So next time you are thinking how to "burn" more of your clients money on a huge campaign, just go and build a big bonfire instead.
It's not less effective

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping it real

One of the things I like the most about the advertising world is the people. I guess I was lucky, because in the past 20 years (god I am old) I have been doing this, I have met some amazing people and a few became my friends for live. But still you always hear stories about back stabbing and stilling ideas from each other so it makes you wonder was I living in a movie. Well... I think I know the answer. I believe that us creative people need to be in a nurturing and friendly environment in order to create. So, either we just don't stay long enough in places with not so really nice people or thank god I really was lucky. And why did I think of it today of all days? Today I got an SMS inviting me to a birthday of my old boss. I think that says it all.
Well I am off to see my friends, hope I'll see you there

Monday, April 26, 2010

To bleed or not to bleed

Earlier today I got an email from a friend of mine that works in one of the biggest ad agencies in Israel. The mail contained a link to a short film done by several of the leading agencies including my friend's. I of course opened and watched the flick. Well, I must admit, I for one was very (I don't know if this is the right word) disappointed. First of all, I think the acting is way to dramatic and not convincing. Second, I think that using the metaphor of bleeding soldiers has ran it's course (especially here) plus it seems that they are putting themselves down by saying "we are bleeding and need new blood". It's great to give blood and the joint venture for finding "new blood" is commanded, but... come on.
Well, I will let you be the judge for yourself.

On the other hand, an amazing ad (in my opinion, well it's my blog so...) for creative people from Y&R

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The power of advertising

As a former V.P. creative at Tnuva's ad agency for four years, I was working very very hard to make the Tnuva name and logo a synonym for cheese. We published ads, wrote jingles for the radio, we even gave out flayers, printed billboards, painted buses and let's not forget crazy sales. Of course through all that we've spent tons of money. The numbers jumped up and so did the sales, our work got amazing reviews and things went basically very well. But only today I have received the proper recognition for our work (of course not only us: marketing, packaging etc.) as my sister told me her two years old son came into the kitchen and asked for "the cheese with the house". So... truth be told It's not all me as I said before, the work was done before me and my crew and it is still being done witout us as I am writing these words, but I am sure that you can understand the smile I got on my face and if you can't well... Eat Strauss

As respect to my old crew and SHAVUOT approaching I am uploading a sketch that was never published, enjoy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The future of creative

I guess it is in the genes, you either born with it or your not. The living proof for this is my daughter Yuli. Yuli loves nature in general and animals in particular. So... we packet the family and headed to Eilat. Of course one of our main attractions was the Dolphin reef which was an amazing success (but we are getting side tracked) the next day we went to see Eilat's aquarium. At the aquarium there is a shark pool and in that pool there are a few Manta rays (stingray of a sort) Yuli saw one for the first time and called out loud: daddy look a sea kite
Now if that is not creative at it's best I don't know what is


Forgive me guys for I have sinned, It's been 3 months since my last confession. Well, I have been neglecting my blog's duties, but ...