Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't forget the credit

That's a line I must have said at least a million times. There is a place of honor on any ad or T.V. campaign for the agency's credit. Now, lets think for a second, why? Israel is the only place in the world (to my knowledge) in which ad agencies use credits on their work. It is quite funny when the definition of the word credit is: the artistic or intellectual sense refers to an acknowledgment of those who contributed to a work, whether through ideas or in a more direct sense. So isn't it more logical to give the audience a chance to acknowledge the work before we decide to give it credit ourselves?
Has I mentioned before, I too have sinned and put credit on work we did but even then,
it wasn't that innocent. Because in the case of bad looking ads (you know, the ones the client designed) we didn't put any credit. So, it shows, that we know we are pushing it. I think we should stop being afraid and forget the credits, (some of us are good enough) unless of course we receive it from our viewers, and then it is twice as nice.
For those who don't agree, well, I think you don't deserve the credit


  1. I think this is a good follow up to your "war of the brand" post :)
    This is "War of the advertising agencies", and oh we israelis loooovvveee pounding on our chest and going " me! me! me!". I second your opinion for the dropping of the credit. Advertising companies represent brands, but here they ARE brands. hence the credit.
    Want to lead the revolution? :)

  2. קודם כל אתה באמת גדול! אז אתה יודע וחוץ מזה ,היציעו לך להנהיג את המהפכה, זה רעיון לא רע בכלל.