Monday, June 7, 2010

The coaching game

I always new what I want from life, work less, earn more. It's true, that has been my life's strategy since I can remember my self. A few months ago (to those who don't know) I took a wild turn in my life and completely changed course. I used to work in an office now I am working out side, I used to be in charge of a large group of people but now I am only in charge of my self, but through all this one thing hasn't changed a bit, I kept my strategy. A week a go I met with a client of mine who is a personal trainer. We set down to discuss the work I am doing for her and in the process we "played" a short coaching "game". This so called game (which was very insightful) proved to me once again that I still follow my doctrine, work less earn more. Unfortunately we all know that strategies sometimes stay as only strategies.
So... I am not exactly there yet, but hey, at least I am on the right track

P.S. I still appreciate good creative work

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  1. and we still love you the way you are...