Friday, July 16, 2010

Size doesn't matter

We've just moved into a new place (Mazal Tov, thank you), it's a garden flat and outside in the front garden there is a little shed. Today, after a fortnight of living in this place I've decided to take all the unnecessary and less necessary stuff and put it out of sight in the shed. Now this shed is quit small and I have a lot of stuff. So... I started organizing and designing this small space and started putting things inside. More and more one thing after another and everything (and I mean everything) fitted inside and I have room to move. The moral of the story is simple:
SIZE DOESN'T MATTER, when you need to push something into a small space,
it's not the size, it's the system, the patience and the heat.
But lets all not forget why we are doing it. its not for more space and it's not from Boredom, it's for the pure unadulterated satisfaction when you come... to the end


  1. finished? come and organize ours

  2. נו נו נו איזה רמזים.....אבל מה שנכון נכון אלה החיים והם יפים.

  3. אשמח לאיזה יעוץ והדרכה בעניין
    עד שאקנה לי GARAGE כדי למקם שם ת'STUFF שלי


  4. הי mook!

    אתה מזכיר לי מצב בו אני מנסה לדחוף עוד דברים למקרר כשהוא כבר מלא.

    איכשהוא אני תמיד מצליחה כי אני יודעת לסדר את הדברים כך שלא יתפסו הרבה נפח וישאירו מקום לדברים הבאים.

    ואם אתה מצליח לדחוף עוד דברים למחסן כנראה שאתה עושה משהו נכון..

  5. ..and lets not forget the ollllddddd but lovable enigma - how do you fit 5 elephants in a mini cooper - im sure you have the answer to that one :)

  6. Orgasmnization.