Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adam's Apple

Let me start by saying I am a mac person, there for I love anything to do with Apple. Lets go back to the book of Genesis. "God" told Adam and Eve to enjoy what ever the Garden of Eden has to offer except for the tree of knowledge. Of course Adam and Eve disobeyed and devoured the Apple (an apple at least according to Milton, but lets say it was an apple). Apparently since the down of civilization people have been craving the Apple, from Adam and Eve to Snow white and lots more until of course Apple (did I mentioned I love Apple). Yesterday Apple announced the iphone 4G. It's going to be an amazing gadget of course but... with all due respect (and there is respect) how can Apple come out with a campaign which emphasizes the secondary camera. Come on Apple you can do better then that. Don't try to be like everybody else, you are better, you are different, YOU ARE APPLE.
Sorry, campaign not approved


  1. hey Dear, as an "eve" I also likee adams apple"..
    u should go as fast as u can 2 c all the cool beautiful cars at the Ta museum+ Degas sculptures
    and the go back 2 the real art.... Apple is a stimulation 4 others 2 creat better..
    so apple = pure art.

  2. כל הסיפור על אדם וחוה די מרגיז כי אם זה היה אפרסק או קיוי או פרי אקזוטי אחר ניחא אבל כל התסבוכות בחיים בגלל תפוח עץ! נו באמת!!! אבל כרגיל כתבה מענינת