Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping it real

One of the things I like the most about the advertising world is the people. I guess I was lucky, because in the past 20 years (god I am old) I have been doing this, I have met some amazing people and a few became my friends for live. But still you always hear stories about back stabbing and stilling ideas from each other so it makes you wonder was I living in a movie. Well... I think I know the answer. I believe that us creative people need to be in a nurturing and friendly environment in order to create. So, either we just don't stay long enough in places with not so really nice people or thank god I really was lucky. And why did I think of it today of all days? Today I got an SMS inviting me to a birthday of my old boss. I think that says it all.
Well I am off to see my friends, hope I'll see you there

Monday, April 26, 2010

To bleed or not to bleed

Earlier today I got an email from a friend of mine that works in one of the biggest ad agencies in Israel. The mail contained a link to a short film done by several of the leading agencies including my friend's. I of course opened and watched the flick. Well, I must admit, I for one was very (I don't know if this is the right word) disappointed. First of all, I think the acting is way to dramatic and not convincing. Second, I think that using the metaphor of bleeding soldiers has ran it's course (especially here) plus it seems that they are putting themselves down by saying "we are bleeding and need new blood". It's great to give blood and the joint venture for finding "new blood" is commanded, but... come on.
Well, I will let you be the judge for yourself.

On the other hand, an amazing ad (in my opinion, well it's my blog so...) for creative people from Y&R

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The power of advertising

As a former V.P. creative at Tnuva's ad agency for four years, I was working very very hard to make the Tnuva name and logo a synonym for cheese. We published ads, wrote jingles for the radio, we even gave out flayers, printed billboards, painted buses and let's not forget crazy sales. Of course through all that we've spent tons of money. The numbers jumped up and so did the sales, our work got amazing reviews and things went basically very well. But only today I have received the proper recognition for our work (of course not only us: marketing, packaging etc.) as my sister told me her two years old son came into the kitchen and asked for "the cheese with the house". So... truth be told It's not all me as I said before, the work was done before me and my crew and it is still being done witout us as I am writing these words, but I am sure that you can understand the smile I got on my face and if you can't well... Eat Strauss

As respect to my old crew and SHAVUOT approaching I am uploading a sketch that was never published, enjoy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The future of creative

I guess it is in the genes, you either born with it or your not. The living proof for this is my daughter Yuli. Yuli loves nature in general and animals in particular. So... we packet the family and headed to Eilat. Of course one of our main attractions was the Dolphin reef which was an amazing success (but we are getting side tracked) the next day we went to see Eilat's aquarium. At the aquarium there is a shark pool and in that pool there are a few Manta rays (stingray of a sort) Yuli saw one for the first time and called out loud: daddy look a sea kite
Now if that is not creative at it's best I don't know what is

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Independence day

Seems fitting that on Independence day of all days I'll have a lot to say about independent film makers or independent something (well I don't). Because throughout most of this week I found myself contemplating with the thought of what's next? Is there a genuine place for creative work or are we all just becoming salesmen? Looking at the ads or T.V. campaigns that are out now (in Israel) one must wonder. Are we (creative people) obsolete? Well... I don't think so, but I do think, we need to wake up, so please pay attention, you can still "sell" without selling out.
I am attaching an ad I hope will inspire you as much as it did me.
So, enjoy, aspire, create

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Creative of the week

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to wish my self a Happy B day (blog day) because this is my blogs debut. I thought of opening a blog just because it doesn't make sense to know, that I am the one who actually has things to say without a place to say them. Anyway this place is gonna be the ultimate place to ask and be answered about, well anything (basically advertising and creative). So I am now going to sit here and do some creative thinking (ye right) meanwhile you can think of things that are important to you. Good huh!

If you ask yourself why is this blog in English, well I promised answers, so think about it


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