Thursday, December 30, 2010

A B C D...

Growing up we all learned in school the ABC song. Whether it was in Hebrew or English it was the same song with the same message, teaching you the alphabet. Only when you grow up and become an adult you understand that letters sometimes have deeper meanings.
Lets start with the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet.
A for example can stand for AUDREY that was the first major hurricane (No.4 category), to hit Louisiana in 1957.
B can relate to a B movie, which is basically a bad film.
C of course stands for Celsius, and so on and so fourth.
But here things are a bit different. For us the letter A was always, a special forces guy or a pilot. But recently we had too many "events" in which the letter A took place in more serious aspects of our lives. Nowadays when you think of the letter A you think of rape victims. But hey, lets be optimistic. So far we are only with the letter A. Now how far does the song goes...

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Internet or fishing net

As always, after Saturday's lunch at my mom's, with the coffee and cakes comes the usual philosophical debates (bullshit talk) on all kinds of ridicules situations. This time It all started with my nephew. My sister told us that wherever he goes, he always carries with him a knife, a lighter and Of course a coffee pack (coffee, sugar etc.). That started the "What would you take to a desert island?". So right then and there, both my other nephew (his brother) and myself jumped and said: "Internet". Because it was obvious for the both of us that once stranded on a deserted island one will encounter a situation in which the Internet will be very important and even more useful than lets say, a sleeping bag for example.
Picture this: I am sitting on a beach, the sun above is pounding and I am dying to eat. Looking through my stuff, I find my knife, which I will use to cut the fish I will catch of course, a lighter I'll use to start the fire on which I'll cook it, and a wireless device of a sort. Now all I have to do is go on Google.
A sea water fish to eat - Search... In less than a second I will receive the pin point location of the best fish that is actually swimming right beside my shores at that moment (with GPS help of course). The second search results of course will be, how to cook it the best and easiest way. So we are all set, we have the fire going, we have the knife all sharpened and the perfect location for the perfect fish.
Cool. Now if only I had a fishing net

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting off - online

How does one go about marketing herself/himself in the field of online sex? Coming from the world of advertising and moving strait into the world of online sex made it clear for me that basically, it isn't that different. Of course there are some differences, but the bottom line is the same: selling a specific product to a specific audience (whether it is a wide or narrow one). Yet, there is a major deference here. In this case the product can literally speak for itself. You basically have a product that keeps marketing itself while "being consumed" by its user/consumer. It's like maybe a book, which previews banners while you are reading it or cheese that while you are eating it you hear a jingle advertising the cheese itself (wow I think I just came up with a great idea).
Like in "mainstream" advertising, here too the better and nicer the package, the more likely the product will be more successful. But still, we can't change the package from time to time and we can't refresh the logo or add ingredients to better the taste. So how does one go about making sure she/he stays ahead of the game and become the leading "product"? Well...that is for me to know and you to find out. You don't expect me to spoon feed you, right?
If I do, I'll be out of a job

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cancel this

Are you sure you want to navigate out of this window? Are you sure you don't want to save this document? Are you sure... every where we go (online that is) at work or sometimes at home, whether it is private or business, interesting or boring, every time we want to leave or do something else we get this message, are you sure. What if life was more Matrix like and we were able to decide we would like to receive this kind of massage before every life changing act? Now, I am not talking about the times we do something stupid and wish that we had an undo button. Think about it! You are standing at the alter about to say yes to your future lifetime wife and right then up pops a message: Are you sure you want to do this? Or... you are thinking of "stealing" the orange in the traffic light? Are you sure you want to do this. This would be fun wouldn't it? But then I thought of the opposite case. Take a situation for example in which your boss is telling you how good you are and how important to the company you are and right when he says he is going to give you a big raise, he will get the message:
Are you sure you want to do this? Well, I will let you think about it for a while before I finish writing this post, because I am sure that right at the end of it I will get a message: Are you sure you want to save this? Hmmm

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you plan, you won't complain

It seems like all we Israelis do, is complain. When it's raining, we complain, when it's not, we complain. When we have someone to do our dirty jobs, we find reasons to complain and when we have problems with them, we complain again. But It doesn't end with complaining. We are now going even further. Now, we actually have a campaign for proving to other people, that we are complaining for a reason. One of our Knesset members (this blogger doesn't believe in naming names), came up with an ingénues plan to show why we complain about the bad influence foreign workers have on our crime rates. He is going to publish ads calling foreign workers to come live in exclusive neighborhoods FOR FREE, what he is not advertising is the fact that they are going to be a part of a social experiment that's supposed to prove his point. This blogger's opinion is, that even though there is a lot of truth to his claim, there are ways of doing things, especially for Jews. Using foreign people as pons in order to prove a point, isn't one of them. Don't you think it will be easer and more humane to just prevent them from coming here in the first place. Oh, what am I saying? planing ahead? I must be joking

Friday, December 10, 2010

Child's play

Returning from a bar last night wasn't easy. I was dead, really dead. I know returning home at 2am is a joke, even in my standards, but I have an excuse. Two nights ago my evening began the usual way. Giving the girls their showers, putting them to bed and then sitting down for dinner and some R & R. hour into my precious relaxation time, all hell broke loos. My younger daughter Romi (whom you heard about in one of my latest posts) woke up with 39.2 temperature, stomach aches and what ever else comes along with a violent stomach virus.
Now, it was like: Let the games begin... We started getting into a repetition of waking up crying, going to the toilets, lying back in bed and only then trowing the hell up (like the scene from "The exorcist" if you are old enough to remember the movie) going to the shower, changing cloths and trying to go back to bed. 30m or so later, the all cycle starts again, getting up, crying, toilet, bed, trowing up, shower, new PJ's and bed. Now multiply all this in about 5 and you find yourself finishing the last rotation at 5.45am. It was like pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock.
The funny thing is, when you talk (well, complain) to the generation before us, i.e. my mom, you realize that apparently everything was peachy back then. Kids were quiet, three of them was the minimum (because things were so easy). So I was thinking to myself, what was it then? I know she's not lying. Then, I reached a conclusion. I think it's like at birth, when the woman's brain releases Endorphin, that basically helps her dealing with and forgetting the pain. Apparently, when you become a grandparent, something releases in your brain that helps you forget, and no, I am not talking about senility. I am talking about what I believe is the definition of Nostalgia. I think, nostalgia is basically a form of history on drugs, self induced or natural, other wise you've got to explain to me, why I am tired, on Friday morning at 10am.
It's not like having kids is hard

Monday, December 6, 2010

Isn't it iconic

Thanks to my new job, I am recently exposed to a lot of online chating. I am happy :-), I am sad :-(, I am... nowadays all our emotions, wants, needs are summed up in emoticons. Emoticons are basically the new manifestation of our subconscious which appears in the form of small icons. Sounds big I know, but really, think about it. Think about your last written conversation, whether it was an email, an SMS or even a short chat with a friend, wasn't there even one emoticon in there ? The funny thing is, because we're now communicating more and more online, (meaning writing instead of actually meeting) we became much more open with our feelings. Apparently it's much easier to open up when you are not doing it face to face (who would have thought). Now, combine our newly achieved emotion openness with our growing laziness, and what do you get? Emoticons

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Talk is cheap

We are now in the midst of one of the worst disasters Israel has ever known. It's a disaster from many points of view. It's a disaster loosing 44 people (and it doesn't matter if they are just travelers or were on the their way to help others). It's a disaster loosing one of the most beautiful places in Israel that will take more than a generation to recover. It's a disaster loosing so many defenseless animals. It's a disaster that we never learn. But the biggest disaster I think, is the hate and stupidity that finds there way to us trough talk-backs. How come disasters bring out the best in some but the worst in others. Why do some people think disasters are the right time to lash out at others (blame or not)? Haven't we learned anything? After seven wars (not including getting bombarded by Irak), endless battles, hundreds of terrorist acts, thousands of dead and tens of thousands wounded. I guess we didn't. I believe (and maybe I am over reacting, but I don't believe I am) talk-backs are the mirror of our society and the image reflecting from it, is not a pretty one.
So please, no talk-back here this time


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