Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't forget the credit

That's a line I must have said at least a million times. There is a place of honor on any ad or T.V. campaign for the agency's credit. Now, lets think for a second, why? Israel is the only place in the world (to my knowledge) in which ad agencies use credits on their work. It is quite funny when the definition of the word credit is: the artistic or intellectual sense refers to an acknowledgment of those who contributed to a work, whether through ideas or in a more direct sense. So isn't it more logical to give the audience a chance to acknowledge the work before we decide to give it credit ourselves?
Has I mentioned before, I too have sinned and put credit on work we did but even then,
it wasn't that innocent. Because in the case of bad looking ads (you know, the ones the client designed) we didn't put any credit. So, it shows, that we know we are pushing it. I think we should stop being afraid and forget the credits, (some of us are good enough) unless of course we receive it from our viewers, and then it is twice as nice.
For those who don't agree, well, I think you don't deserve the credit

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

War of the worlds - or war of the brands

When you think of wars and the players who run them, you can't help but wonder, who's the winner? Of course each side claims to have won, but in the absence of referees, well...
so if there is no winner and it's just going on and on, can we stop and continue tomorrow? and for the love of god who sponsors all this?
Well life isn't sports and wars are not a game. But a game on the other hand, can be war.
Two days, five sets, ten hours and two modern days gladiators have proven (and will keep on doing so tomorrow) to us what is it like to go to war and fight like lions, for the win (and for the sponsor). This time it is Nike against Lacoste, U.S.A against France or just Isner vs. Mahut. It doesn't really matter, because in a game (not like in war) everyone's a winner. The players, both winner and looser, will become richer. The brand they represent will become even more known. Even the country they came from will earn the respect. So... what have we learned boys and girls? I think I can quote Edwin Starr when I say:
"War, what is good for? absolutely nothing!" well except for the sponsors of course

Monday, June 21, 2010

You can take it to the bank

Just when I thought customer service in Israel has improved a tiny bit, it hit me right in the face. This morning I went to the bank for what seemingly was a simple request. All I needed is a letter proving I am the rightful owner of my account. That means an easy to fill out form, that has my name and I.D. number plus my bank account number with the signature of the bank at the bottom. Well... it was even easier than I thought, but also MORE EXPENSIVE. Why for god's sake should I have to pay, in my bank, at my branch, with my money 42 NIS for this silly note.
Of course after a bit of unnecessary and wasted 15 minutes of nerves I didn't pay a cent,
but the real question here is why? Why did we have to waste our time, when clearly we didn't have to. Isn't that the core of customer service, solving problems before they occur

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money isn't everything

Not many people know, that you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to upgrade your life. You want to improve the way your place looks, you are dieing for it to look like the houses in the top architectural magazines, but you think to yourself "one day when I'll have enough money". True, designers (good ones) do charge an harm and a leg, but... some designers find it important to spread the message of design to does who can't or choose not to spend tons of money. Such designers are my two sisters. Their business caters to those who want and crave design, but choose to do up one room in the house or an office. Those who appreciate good design but don't believe they should go bankrupt for it.
Basically you! So... if you are thinking of upgrading your life, think no more, just call

"עיצוב בתיקצוב": הדר: 0544-540954 או יפעת: 0546-798762

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Give me L, give me o, give me g, give me o

Last week I was asked by a new client, how much will I charge for designing a new logo for his company.
"Well, how much is it worth for you" I asked?
"I don't really know" he replayed.
"OK then, lets break it down. What is a logo? What does it stand for?
Basically, it is the first and sometimes only meeting point between your company or product and the public. And lets see, probably all your marketing plans, all the campaigns, all the road shows you attend, practically all the money you spend is for making the logo a famous icon (brand). So people will get familiar with it, remember it, choose it (or the product or service it stands for), and then prefer it to other brands.
So... what is it worth for you now? I urged" .
"I think I should make you my partner" he replayed".
"No thanks" I said: "just give me...$, and you can write it as an expense"

I am too busy writing my blog

Creative of the week

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adam's Apple

Let me start by saying I am a mac person, there for I love anything to do with Apple. Lets go back to the book of Genesis. "God" told Adam and Eve to enjoy what ever the Garden of Eden has to offer except for the tree of knowledge. Of course Adam and Eve disobeyed and devoured the Apple (an apple at least according to Milton, but lets say it was an apple). Apparently since the down of civilization people have been craving the Apple, from Adam and Eve to Snow white and lots more until of course Apple (did I mentioned I love Apple). Yesterday Apple announced the iphone 4G. It's going to be an amazing gadget of course but... with all due respect (and there is respect) how can Apple come out with a campaign which emphasizes the secondary camera. Come on Apple you can do better then that. Don't try to be like everybody else, you are better, you are different, YOU ARE APPLE.
Sorry, campaign not approved

Monday, June 7, 2010

The coaching game

I always new what I want from life, work less, earn more. It's true, that has been my life's strategy since I can remember my self. A few months ago (to those who don't know) I took a wild turn in my life and completely changed course. I used to work in an office now I am working out side, I used to be in charge of a large group of people but now I am only in charge of my self, but through all this one thing hasn't changed a bit, I kept my strategy. A week a go I met with a client of mine who is a personal trainer. We set down to discuss the work I am doing for her and in the process we "played" a short coaching "game". This so called game (which was very insightful) proved to me once again that I still follow my doctrine, work less earn more. Unfortunately we all know that strategies sometimes stay as only strategies.
So... I am not exactly there yet, but hey, at least I am on the right track

P.S. I still appreciate good creative work

Friday, June 4, 2010

Silent voice

Forgive me for writing on same issue. But once again we can learn, that sometimes even with no budget at all and the smallest campaign, without even a slogan, things can get pretty powerful. Look what one kid equipped with one logo with only two colors does when targeted to the right audience and used in the right context

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creative of the week

A nice ad beautifully done, dedicated to Dr. R Mizikovsky
my dreams producer. Enjoy


Forgive me guys for I have sinned, It's been 3 months since my last confession. Well, I have been neglecting my blog's duties, but ...