Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nowadays, it seems like every movie comes in 3D. I for one think that enough is enough. Really, I too love a good 3D movie, but come on, every movie? Even dance movies like "Step up" got 3D, who wants to see dancing in 3D? If I wanted to do so I would go and see a live show. But... when thing are done the right way or the PIXAR way, it sure looks good. Yesterday I went to see TOY STORY 3 a true legacy in animation motion pictures. Lets not forget TOY STORY was the actual first full length animation movie. So it's true, since then PIXAR had succeeded to do what no other film company did, that is having a bigger success in every new film they came out with. TOY STORY 3 doesn't look like it's going to brake the mold. The film was great, the story was fun, the characters were lovable and even the 3D effect was right on the money. Yes, I think PIXAR has done it again. Unlike SHREK or a few other good movies that couldn't hold the weight of success, it seems like PIXAR by taking their time, only did good to this wonderful movie. So if you are young or young at heart, go and have fun

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  1. As your chair neighbor to this film i am inclined to agree with you on the story and characters and basically direction and cinematography being great. Only 2 problems i had with it - as i already mentioned to you after the movie was over - were the 3D being a bit negligable, and the movie being a sequel. I guess we got used to seeing an original story from pixar every year, reinventing themselves and really touching us with their stories, that suddenly to fall back on a tried and true recipie was a bit disappointing to me. Dont get me wrong i enjoyed the movie very much, but i wanted something new from these story telling masters.
    As for the 3D thing becoming a trend - you actually have James Cameron to thank for that :)
    Before Avatar 3D was mostly reserved for digitally created movies like animation movies cause it was easier to implement the 3D due to the nature of the making proccess of the movie. Cameron showed that live motion can be as beautiful and engaging coated with the 3D effect. And hollywood did what it does best - followed the trend. Why miss the money train? 3D is something that brings audiences cause they cant get it at home. the 3D tv generation is just starting and prices are still high. no one would upgrade their recently bought tv again (except maybe the japanese) with some new tech that would cost them twice as much. So hollywood is racing to squeeze the money out of this new trend before it becomes household. 3D TVs, 3D gaming via playstation 3, 3D home theater projectors.. their all out there and getting cheaper every month. 3D is the name of the game everywhere you look.
    My prediction is 10 -15 years for the maturation of the medium - tvs that project 3D without the need for glasses - and then VR, which will make the experience fully interactive. I belive that in about 20-30 years we will be sitting in a movie theater with full head gear that wil be attached to our chairs and experience movies like we are an integral part of them - remember where you read it first :)