Monday, April 21, 2014

Dust in the wind

Whether or not it is a true story, I know what the Israelis must have felt like in the desert. Last week I traveled with the family to the Jordan valley for an over night tent experience. We arrived at this godforsaken hole just before noon. The car's outer thermometer showed 45c (give or take a degree because it doesn't really matter). The place was for a lack of better words: desert-ed. So after caring all the stuff from the car (my wife packed the whole house) we put up the tents. Lucky for us it cooled down a bit, but then... a sand storm came out of nowhere and took the tents with all that was in them. After re-building them for the third time and moving them to a lower location we were finally able to relax. So true or false, 40 years or less, matza or bread, there is no wonder we Israelis love to bitch and complain.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

40 years and counting

The Jewish ingenuity never seizes to amaze me. But what really happened (if indeed it did) in the desert? You had 40 years in there, couldn't you guys invent some kind of yeast free bread (not matza)? 40 long years, and now, thousands of years later all the Jews have to suffer and eat this Ikea MDF look-alike and taste alike.
It's true that there are worst things and that I for one don't really eat this but still my fellow Israelis suffer year after year. So in the name of conspiracy theories I've decided that this is all the drug companies' fault. I mean how can one go for a whole week of matza without some laxative, correct me if I am wrong. And that's not all, matza balls, eggs with salty water, cakes from matza etc.
I did write a while ago the definition of a Jewish holiday: "They tried to kill us, they didn't succeed, let's eat", but really "they tried to kill us? Maybe, but do we have to continue for ourselves?
Happy holidays :-)

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