Friday, December 30, 2011

The truth is it has been done before and even done well. In 2004 Adidas created an amazing TV spot showing Muhammed Ali vs Leila Ali in the famous "impossible is nothing" campaign.

This year for Xmas it's the NBA's turn to let the old play with the new in a beautiful and moving commercial.

As I always say: "Sometimes great minds think alike, but even if they don't it's still important to know how to imitate"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Be good

A little association in New York called "Life Vest Inside" believes that good begets good and all we need to do to improve this world is simply be good to someone... the rest will follow

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spot the not

Two ads
One from China April 2011 the other from Brazil December 2011
I hope we won't be surprised with a third one...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good morning sunshine

Heineken decided with brand comes responsibly and being creative is not enough. So they came out with this beautiful campaign that takes the fun of drinking to a different level. Heineken shows us that you don't necessarily have to scare people in order to "educate" them about responsible drinking.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

dead man walking

Just got back with the family from a long weekend up north. There seem to be a very short distance between taking time off and enjoying a weekend to "working" for and through the weekend. It's like going to Europe with a group, stopping in 20 locations in 4 days.
Do we really need to fill all our free time with activities. Why is it impossible to just relax..........
Well, it is not. Because tomorrow like any other Sunday I will start the week dead from my action packed time off. But after dispatching the kids to school and kindergarden I will ride to work.
And then I will buy my cup of coffee, sit back in my office and... relax.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The amazing race

When is it really enough? How much do we need to be happy, and what is happy? We all work (well at least the unlucky ones), most of us as employees somewhere, but it seems that everybody I know has something on the side. Wether it is a Start-up or just some kind of a project everyone has something. The funny thing is, that we all take the extra mile to make more money so we would live a better life. But the more we work, the less we live. As far as my experience go it seems that it doesn't matter how hard I work and how many things I have on the side, rich i am not going to be, at least not in the near future. So is it really worth it? Let's say I will make money but I will be able to enjoy it as an old/er man. Is it worth it then? I have decided that it's not, but I am like an addict. I can't seem to stop. I find myself working for myself on Saturday (something I will never do for my boss) for an extra few... (not much) that I will probably have to work hard again to get'em.
So...when is it really enough?
Where is that fine line between making enough and having enough spare time to enjoy it?
Well, next week I will be flying to Europe for a long weekend, so I will think about it and let you know.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creative of the week

Great minds think...

As I browsed trough some of the latest ads from around the world I came upon an ad for a gym that calls us to "Save your body" while playing on the "Save your souls" narrative.
The thing is, yours truly published an add like this a few years back and I at least think that, well...

The new one:


Monday, November 28, 2011

Ad as friend

Six degrees of separation. this is a notion that refers to the idea everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on earth, so that a chain of, "a friend of a friend" statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. (Wikipedia).

But only a week ago a research conducted by facebook claims that the average person needs has dropped to only 4.7 connections to reach anyone on the globe famous or not. But what does it really mean? Does it mean that I can call, lets say Obama and invite him for coffee? Or maybe even sit down with Ahmewanijad for peace talks? I think not. The notion behind Six degrees of separation is nice and probably true but it is a theory because our "connections" lets say on facebook are not really connections.So I have decided to run a small experiment on my own. I want an appointment with (I will make it easy for you :-) ) Sean Parker. So I am waiting to see which one of you will pick up the glove and arrange this meeting for me.

You can even use 8 degrees, I will not hold this against you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The shoe is on the other foot

Well It looks like yours truly has found yet another "to close for comfort" look alike. But it appears that this time it's the other way around. Now, I am not sure how original the first one was but still from 2009 till today there was time to think of an original idea.
Again, you be the judge:

The original (The first)

Friday, November 11, 2011

The history of the world part 1

They say history is bound to repeat itself. last night I met with some friends from the previous ad agency i've worked in. It's quite rare when you think about it. A bunch of people that just happen to work together in the same place for about 3 years keep clinging on each other's friendships. Don't get me wrong I think it's great. I think your life is built from experiences and people you "collect" along the way.
Still, even if history doesn't really repeats itself, it surprises me every time we meet. people from all walks of life, Literally. Young and old(er), religious and secular, married and single all with only one thing in common, they all worked together.
But the real reason I wrote this, is: My dad had a class reunion every year from his primary school years till he past away a year ago (I believe they still meet), one can only hope we would be as lucky :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

A creative story

When talking about creativity PIXAR usually come to mind, for me at least. But what is it that makes them more creative if in fact they really are. I think that one of the great things about creative work is freedom. I believe that every creative person will get much more creative when they have freedom to create. In PIXAR that is one of the founding blocks of the company. Through the years PIXAR allowed people from within the company to direct films without any former directing experience. Imagine a client that allows you to create their campaign completely without interference, Ye right. for the past 25 years PIXAR gave us a series of unforgettable animated movies that show that there are really no limits for being creative. I am just waiting to see what's next...

Monday, October 31, 2011

kiss but don't tell

Don't drink and drive. Drinking may cause impotence and so on and so forth...
Every ad or slogan is trying to educate us about the no no's of drinking alcohol some do it well and some well, just do it. But now they want to ban the advertising of alcohol all together and that's like saying to a kid after jumping over a bus with his bike, "I told you so..." and to think I was one of the people that helped putting him (one of the men behind this bill) in his legislature seat. Opposing this bill are a few ad agencies that claim this reminds them of an Iranian regime. I of course agree and don't believe governments should decide for us rather than try and convince or educate us.
So before going back to prohibition, here are some examples to think about

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative of the week

Are we there yet?

It's been about a month since we all took the walk from Rothschild to The Tel-Aviv Museum. All of a sudden with Gilad Shalit returning home and the mess with the Turks (f...em all) and lets not forget the doctors, nothing is happening. From the biggest social demonstration ever to take place here to... nothing?
I find it a bit strange to say the least. But lets think about it for a moment. What did we really get from all that? Our Doctors are still making shit money, the electricity bills are up, the gas for our cars is up, again, our municipality taxes are going to rise now and Facebook is still the biggest social network and growing.
So basically nothing has changed. But hey, Cottage cheese is now cheaper. So I guess we can now live in a cottage (cheese), keep on eating our savings and hopefully stay healthy enough not to be needing a doctor. Of course, lets not forget we can still get our all inclusive in Eilat for just double the money.
I don't know about you, but I feel...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in the market

The Gilad Shalit saga is soon to be over :-) at least the long and ugly part of it. Over the last 5 years Gilad Shalit has become an icon, a brand, that till now has tried to encapsulate what we believe this country stands for and basically sell us this idea. Looking at this from a creative and advertising point of view, you can't help but appreciate the force behind this "brand". Unlike any other brand, this one kept going strong for 5 years. The non stop media blast, the public's thirst for updates and the constant PR made it a house hold name. But as always I think it is the product that makes it work. Even the best campaigns can only go so far with a bad product. In our case, it's the product rather than the campaign (as good as it was). I just hope that comes tomorrow when the "product" is released, we will not be the early adapters this time and let the owners enjoy it first.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Where do we go from here?

I thought I was the only one, but it seems like this is not the case. A few days ago a very good friend, a talented copy writer called me. He offered we volunteer to create a campaign for who ever needs it. Of course I agreed. Truth be told it's not only the volunteering fact that made me say yes, it is one of the reasons. But we will simply do creative together again, the thing that we were put on this earth for. But it appears that ad agencies here forgot what it is to be creative. It's not for the lack of creative minds of course, just look at international advertising web sites or check out world advertising competitions. We are there, big time. And it's not that creative doesn't sell, we know it does. All over the world including here, agencies that chose to stay creative, were very successful. So what is going on here?
I think, as long as we'll keep on walking through the desert for a cold drink, enter white fabrics accompanied by a scientist or simply keep on copying from each other, we wont find our way back. But still there is hope yet...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creative of the week

I say, better late than ever. When this creative piece of work can out in 2006, it was funny as hell. But finding out it was only a promotional video done by a special effect company and not a campaign of a sort, left me wondering. When will someone use this idea in a campaign. Lo and behold, Nissan decided to rise to the challenge.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The streets have no name

Kippur day is of course a burned memory in the collective minds of all Israelis. But it is also a unique day that allow kids to run wild and unattended in the streets. From a grown up (embarrassing I know) point of view, it starts off like a scene from the movie "Minority Report", somewhere in the far and uninhabited future, but it quickly turns into "The 12 Monkeys" where the animals roam the streets. So lets sum it up...
Some go to synagogs to pray, some stay home and watch TV. Some stop eating and fast, some ride fast and then eat. But whatever you do, religious or secular you feel that there is something in the air. Maybe it the silence. All of a sudden there are no cars humming, no sounds from radios or TV's. Nothing. I believe if an align would have landed on Yom Kippur, he would think he came to an amazing place. It's sunny and green. it's so quiet and friendly, everybody is wearing white and drives friendly to the environment vehicles, people are communicating verbally and not via electronic devices, truly heaven.
I just hope it will be a one day visit. We do want them to come back.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apples and Oranges

Last night Steve Jobs passed away at the young age of 56. In this short time Jobs has changed our lives in a way that will only improve in time thanks to his legacy. The man that reinvented his own company Apple and changed it from a computers company into a life style trend setter. The man that took GUI and turned it into an art form. The man that took communication and turned it into, well... communication.
For me, a Mac and gadgets lover, it's a very sad day :-(

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creative of the week

They put the i in the phone

Yesterday, the all world was waiting to hear what i had to say. By i I do not mean me of course but iPhone. As an advertiser I must admit we have a lot to learn from Apple. Apple has mastered the art of creating a buzz or a teaser if you like to an upcoming campaign. Yesterday was no different, the world was waiting with anticipation to the new iPhone. The result may be disputed, was it worth the wait is it really a better product. Of course the iPhone users will never admit they are disappointed any way. But for me it doesn't really matter, the "Apple art of war" has done it again, leaving even the non Mac people dying for more. So as a Mac lover and user for years and an Android lover and user (Mobile) for years... I was excited with the rest of the world from the buzz but disappointed with the outcome :-)
But hey, respect to the new Siri

Friday, September 30, 2011

2 for the price of friendship

Facebook, My space, TheLoop... Coca-Cola? It seems like the entire world is on board the social idea. Social networks, social studies and even social campaigns. Last May Coca-Cola came out with a guerrilla campaign that promotes friendships in a cool way. They basically offered two bottles of coke for the price of one, but with a small catch...

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Double Life

As if I have enough time for one life, now I am starting my second. No, I don't mean the second half of my life. Been there, done that. I am talking about the fact that our new social network TheLoop is taking its first steps and me like a proud dad holding its hand. It's true I'm not a Facebook buff, never was, but still I can't say I don't have a part of my online life in there. But now along side with Facebook I am starting my second life in TheLoop. It's kind of fitting that now as the UN is listening to Benjamin Netanyahu on whether to give the Palestinians a state and begin their "second life" that I am starting mine. Maybe as Facebook helped the Egyptians in Tahrir Square, TheLoop will help Israelis with changing world perception and help us start our second life.
So don't be left out of TheLoop. You don't need a UN resolution.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Size does matter

When you're big, you can practically do whatever the f... you want, pay as much as you want to whoever you want. I guess that is why NIKE can... Just do it

The cost of living?

The definition for "the cost of living" as stated by Wikipedia is: "a theoretical price index that measures relative cost of living over time or regions. It is an index that measures differences in the price of goods and services, and allows for substitutions to other items as prices vary". But what does it really mean? Well, when you look at it from my point of view as a husband and a father, this definition is all wrong. The real cost of living is what you actually pay for your earnings. You pay with the lack of quality time with your family, you pay with the absence of free time and you pay with the lack of deep sleep. You basically pay the price with your physical and mental health. Writing this blog from work is another cost of living. Living at the office that is.
So you start thinking to yourself, is it all worth it? Should I work for less but pay less? Is it possible?
Think about it and let me know... I'll be at the office :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm lovin it

As a previous proud owner of a couple of minis, this TV ad has a special place in my heart. But I am sure you can appreciate it even without ever experiencing mini. So, simply enjoy

Sunday, September 11, 2011

If the shoe fits

The future is here, but it isn't cheap. NIKE in a beautiful homage to Michel J. Fox is bringing out the shoes from "Back to the future" episode II, the NIKE MAG. The company will bring out only 1,500 pairs, each to be sold through an auction on eBay. The proceeds of this sale will go directly to The Michel J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. NIKE says: "This is your chance to own a piece of history and this is your chance to help". I say, time will tell if this piece of history will help changing the future.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What would my life be like without you?

It's amazing to me, but this week as I was traveling to work and back by cab (due to the fact my electric scooter snapped in half) I realized that it feels like I am missing my legs. Now I am not lazy as you know but this was my thing. Going out every morning with my headphone on, riding through the park and having my own private time. But it only really hit me today when I got my new scooter and I could ones more... ride. It's like when our phone is dead because we forgot to charge it. It's very nice and quiet at first by very quickly you start getting the feeling you are all alone in the world. As our lives move forward and become more modern we start getting dependent on more and more stuff, like: mobile phone, email, Facebook, the morning coffee... Ask someone a bit older and they'll tell you, the world was just fine and everyone was OK without all this. So I think the question is not whether we can live without all these things or not, but rather, do we want to? Well, do you?

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a date

September 1st... This date is carved into our consciousness the minute we become parents. In every kid's life there are a few landmarks, (if you are Jewish of course you have a few more than others), your 3rd birthday (usually the first you remember), starting kindergarten and of course starting school. For kids, when they are young, everything new is understandably scary. But for us parents, well for the moms at least, it's terrifying. A friend of mind recently wrote, that after leaving his son at school for the first time, he looked into his eyes as if telling him: "dad is going now, it's up to you". For me it was a bit different. As I was about to leave my 6 years old in school I realized, she has been waiting for this moment for some time now, and she doesn't need me to spoil it by getting all emotional. So I said my goodbye and left.
But when I wanted to leave after doping my youngest at her new kindergarten, I figured, well now I have to be patient and relaxed. So when I tried to do what my friend did, look her in the eyes that is, and "transfer the responsibilities", she didn't even look up, she just waved at me while drawing something down on a piece of paper.
So what can we learn from all this. Well, If I was a psychiatrist I would probably say Nothing, because every child is different. But I am not one am I? So I just tapped myself on the back and said: "you've done a good job, once more"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Till death do us part

Death has always been a fascination of the human race. In movies, theater and of course advertising. In a recent Dutch TV commercial titled "Death" for the new Hyundai Velostar, the ad agency came up with a funny take on death. The even funnier thing is that this TV ad was not aired in Holland until the Korean based company decided to it re-edit and cut off the "scary" ending of the commercial which in the eyes of the company was not reflecting the brands positive values.
Be afraid, be very afraid...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates

I know it's not like me, being an early adapter as I am regarding everything high-Tech or new, but I just got my first 2.5" potable hard Drive to back up my Mac. It's still amazing to see how every time these things become smaller and smaller on one hand and on the other keep increasing their capacity. The funny thing is, that as time goes by and your life and your "belongings" i.e. information becomes larger you use a smaller box to back it up. As I am writing these words to you my "life" is being downloaded to a tine black box the size of a cigarette box and the only thing that keeps it "alive" s a blinking white led as if to say: "your life is being processed, but soon all will be done". I got to make some new memories and new stuff to back up the next time other wise when the light will turn off it will all be over. This is what some did before backing up their stories they sold'em...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Hey I know it sounds familiar and that's fine due to the fact I took it fro the Truman Show. But I do mean it. Tomorrow I will be leaving to a greener pasture, I a off to Greece for a week. I will be taking pictures and will share some probably but I seriously doubt I will posting anything here this week :-)
So just to keep you on your toes...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The night before tomorrow

Working at an ad agency you get quiet families with getting home in the dark. But there is something rewarding about seeing your work the next day on a magazine's chrome papers or on a massive billboard on your way to work. Working in High-Tech on the other hand does have some similarities, but when you weigh it in, the differences are obvious. Yes you work long hours and yes you start understanding, what is it like for vampires to never see the light of day, but at the end of the day something is missing. I realized that being creative is not enough for us (Ad men), we need others to enjoy our work otherwise it's all for our portfolio (it's OK and important sometimes) and no it's not enough. Because our mission in life, even if you don't know it yet, is to make others feel: smile, yearn, love even hate, and if we are not doing that, we're simply not doing our job. Night or day.

Friday, August 5, 2011

One step forward two steps back

All of a sudden it struck me. I realize why men are trying to get ahead in life and become the boss. True, there is the issue of more money, but still there is more to it, and I have figured it out. When you grow up, finish the army and get your own place, for the first time you actually become your own boss. And then live moves along and you find yourself in a relationship and after that even married.
OK what just happened? Have I been demoted? Well... you defiantly got a new boss. All of a sudden you are not calling the shots anymore and you are not your own boss. But OK you can live with that because you are happy, right? So, you get happier and have kids.
WOW hold on, have I been demoted again? Sorry "boss" yes you have. You now have another boss or two more or even... well you do the math.
So basically as you progress in your professional career and move up the ladder,
in your private life you are moving down (down the food chain that is). Think of it as one of those two sided ladders, where you can stand at the top with one leg on each side, but you can't really move like that and it's really not stable.
But hey at least when the night comes and everybody is asleep, you are the lord of the manor once more.
Well got to go now I need to prepare tea for the V.P

Monday, August 1, 2011

The tent commandments

Every protest or event bring out the best from the creative minds of every Joe shmoe. Usually this creative burst comes in the form of stickers. The current public protest in Tel-Aviv is no different but extremely creative. New stickers and slogans are seen on a daily basis and most of them as always are from the people themselves rather than ad agencies. For me as an advertiser it's a field day. Just seeing all these stickers and slogans is simply wonderful plus we are doing something positive for a change. I know I am saying we and I do not live in a tent, but I do go to all the protests and I am a part of the middle class.
So, tent or not show some solidarity...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

While you were sleeping

Yes it's Sunday again, early in the morning to be exact. Everyday the same story. You wake up, take the kids to wherever they need to go to, drive to work (on the electric scooter of course) and even before the morning coffee you sit down in front of the computer and basically start your day. You check your emails first, then you log-on to your blog, if you have one, from there you visit Facebook just to see if anything has happened in the world during the night. Of course things rarely do. The same news with different titles, a few old "jokes" from bored people and Oops... some of your friends have new friends. Don't get me wrong, writing this post is basically doing the same but I am at work at 08:20 in the morning so I have an excuse. One thing you do discover is that other people apparently have lives and while you are sleeping they actually do stuff, or they're just acting as if they do. In any case I just spent 20 minutes on you, only around 8 hours to go...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Social branding

It's been 5 months since people took to the streets in Tahrir Square, Egypt. The famous protest took off after people used Facebook as a platform to spread the news to the word. It's not the first time of course, groups with different agendas use Facebook as a marketing platform. "Pages" for example (something between a brands profile to a landing page) where created on Facebook long before Tahrir Square. But I don't think anyone has ever used Facebook as a marketing platform in the form of a protest. Looking into the Cottage cheese protest for example, one must wonder, has Tnuva really lost here or actually the company sold more Cottage cheese once the wind has settled. Think about it, starting a protest on Facebook is like a bush fire. There is even a page on Facebook that complains against the prices of tents (now with the protest going on in Rothschild). But truth be told I haven't really conducted any research into this but I believe that it's worth trying. What I am positive about is that if any company will decide to try this... you will hear about it for the first time here. Well, maybe after Facebook.

Expect the unexpected

There are a lot of concepts that are based on the element of surprise. VIVIDENT, a chewing gum brand came out with such a commercial, which I think is very cool. Not that being surprised works differently here. It's just that even or because of the cheesy acting and the basic idea behind it, it is still quite funny

Friday, July 8, 2011

A priceless homage

Sometimes, maybe due to the lack of original ideas or really out of "respect", advertising agencies choose to do an homage to a usually well known and famous commercials. We all know channel 2 pathetic attempt to create an "homage" to Sony's Colors like no other T.V. spot but over the years we do see some great homages from different products around the world. As such was's homage to the prize winning commercial for apple from 1984 directed by Ridley Scott.
But when an homage is made with a twist, it's much better. Wikileaks will be facing it's untimely death unless they can come up with enough money to stay in action. so, they came up with a great homage to the famous MasterCard commercial. The outcome, well I think speaks for itself...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The + of having friends

Facebook has a new friend. Facebook didn't send this friend a request nor did Facebook invited this new friend to one of it's events. But still, it came uninvited and decided that all of Facebook friends should be his too. So Google+ (Facebook's new "friend") started sending invites to people, but not to everyone of course still, he is not Facebook, not yet that is.
Now, some of Facebook's friends decided that at the least they like the way Google+ looks, and changed their own look to suit his.
When invited somewhere it's a common thing to be asked if you are coming alone or plus one. But how many pluses should one have? In Facebook we already have 500,000,000 friends that show up every now and then without sending even r.s.v.p. And if we already have 500,000,000 potential friends, why do we need more? And what is the plus? Maybe it is just that now you can meet these millions of friends in just another place with new decor and new facilities. Maybe it's just like changing a pub.
The only question here is: will we think its a Plus or we'll just Like it and not more.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am drawn to this...

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is convincing the world he didn't exist. Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects (1995). A great example of the Devils work can be found in "Dirt Devil's" new campaign. A wonderful idea with an even better execution (no pun intended).
So without further ado...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green mean machine

This morning I was going to work the same way I do for the past four years, on my electric scooter. True, this is my small way of giving back to mother nature, but that is not the issue here. Along my way to work I pass roads, sidewalks and a nice path through the park. Riding a silent and quick vehicle gives you a new preservative on life (here at least). All of a sudden nobody cuts you up, nobody overtakes you, nobody calls you names everything just passes you by. It appears that all you need to do in order to fix everything, is just go electric. Less noise, less pollution, less aggro. There is much more time to look at the road ahead and not only contemplate on the target. So go green...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Baby...

Every once in a while comes a marketing strategy, that leaves you speechless. For me it was an amazing and gutsy idea for making kids (as well as everyone else) eat more baby carrots. This move was titled: "Baby carrots, eat them like junk food". The idea behind this brilliant concept is to take the baby carrots, and market & brand them as if they are junk food. That means, starting with the packaging, through the shelve space, an advertising campaign and even direct marketing ideas such as a vendor machine. Another innovating thing they did here is developing an iPhone app, the first one ever that actually works on the sound of crunching baby carrots.
Apparently the massive PR noise along with two digits raise in sales has turned (after a very short time) this into the newest trend of young people. That does'nt really surprise me, but what it does is show us again how a little bit of different thinking takes you a long way.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Androids of the world unite

Returning from the Tel Aviv gay parade I felt proud. Not proud of being gay which I am not (not that there is anything wrong with it) but proud of the the city I live in. Tel Aviv and the people living in it are acting as a beacon inside the dark middle east (I think it's actually called middle east because it's still in the middle ages). But the thing I actually wanted to write to you about, was the sponsorships and advertising in this event. The one that caught my eye he most was the open minded sponsorship by Android. It's amazing that in just a few years the Android icon has reach a status that usually takes years to achieve. Now the bond Android made between its brand and the gay community is not only courageous and risky in a way but is also Admirably. I guess the Android brand feels either safe enough in its status or it is still in the process of positioning itself as everyone's brand. What ever the reason may be I as an advertiser salute it.
I guess from now on when we search for something we can Gaygoole it

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

When a company chooses a name for itself and begins the journey to becoming a household name, it usually uses an ad agency or even a branding agency. The agency then conducts a survey that looks into the company's future audiences & markets and after learning all the facts, the name is chosen. Some companies are the first in their field or market and their name becomes a generic name, for example: Kleenex or Xerox, others just become known. When MIRS (Israels 4th cellular operator) came out, no one gave that name a second thought. But after a few years as a cellular operator and after winning the license for operating the new 3.9 generation GSM network, the name MIRS takes a all new meaning (for me at least). For those of you who did not get the point, I am sorry but I am not about to get myself slapped with a lawsuit for slander.
But... I will just say this: the next time you are about to pick a name for your company that supposed to see you through well into the future, think well, or you will be remembered but not in the way you hoped for.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative of the week

"The classics are ready to return. Popeye. Wednesdays at 10 pm on Boomerang."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you for flying Red Bull

The Red Bull Flugtag is back. Back in Tel Aviv that is. The Flugtag is a great way to celebrate creativity. Dietrich Mateschitz the crazy thinker behind this wonderful event called Flugtag (German for "Flight day") is actually the owner of Red Bull (thumbs up for courage and spunk) started this tradition in Austria back in 1991. The success was instant and since then it is being held every year in 35 cites around the world. Of course anyone who's anyone can join and make a fool of him/her self by trying to fly their machines:
maximum wingspan of 30ft, maximum weight including the kamikaze that is holding the... whatever he's holding should not be more than 205 Kg. Oh yes and be "powered by muscle, gravity or imagination. Regardless of how good (or bad) the designs are, ultimately they will all end up in the water, and for that reason all designs must be unsinkable and be built entirely from environmentally friendly materials without any loose parts".
Take a breather... now, it's true the fly boys (or girls) are being marked for their achieved distance, creativity and showmanship. But really come on, who in their right mind, both spectators and flyers care about the distance? All that really maters is how creative one can get and how fast the machine plunges to it's death. Throughout the years the Flugtag proved over and over again that there are very creative and imaginative people out there, all they really need to do is find the right outlet.
I may not be trying to fly myself into a "clean lake", yet, but I have found my outlet.
So you may not be able judge me by distance, but if you really feel judgmental, well...

Friday, May 27, 2011

And the cactus goes to..

Before this week come to an end I thought I'd tell you about the last Golden Cactus awards. On Wednesday morning we all arrived at the Hilton Tel Aviv where the award ceremony was about to take place. As always it started with a gallery displaying both print ads and outdoors advertising followed by a typical events breakfast.
As always there where lecturers and speakers and of course the award ceremony itself (with brunch in the middle). The thing is though, that as always, it was boring. This event holds in it the best creative minds in the industry, with a combined production capabilities and creative experience of at least 100 years, and yet as always it's one of the most boring and dry events you can imagine. Still, as always, it was fun to meet all your friend and see who moved where and who did what.
But those of us who remember the Adeaters nights that were held at the trendiest clubs in Tel Aviv, know that there is a another way and for you youngsters...

Anyways...congratulation to all the winners, who proves once again there is good advertising here, if you know where to look


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