Saturday, May 31, 2014

Upstairs Downstairs

My cell is on its last legs, it's slowly dying. It's not that it doesn't work, it's just slow and uncooperative. So the real question now is: "To upgrade or downgrade?".
Think about it. In today's world, it is a legitimate question or even a state of mind one can arrive to after living along side a smart phone. Do I stay in touch and available 24/7, while damaging my concentration at work and my real life relations or, I downgrade, get of the grid, thus improving my real life connections while maybe loosing my spot within the online society on the way?
It seems like we got to a point in which we have to make some decisions. Where do we go from here? Do we submerge ourselves into online leaving (which we already do) or completely detach ourselves from it? And is it really a black and white question?
I seem to be able to do both. That is, staying online and "connected" while enjoying real life connections and experiences, but for how long? One can not live in a vacuum. And there is another issue, I do love gadgets. So... I will sign off now, I guess you will know my decision soon enough.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The color of a great city

Tel Aviv, my city, my team, what a victory. It seems like Maccabi Tel Aviv is a team with a country behind it. Even the Olympic games didn't bring out so many people to the streets, what only proves the point that this great city is a country within a country. We always say that Tel Aviv doesn't really reflect what is going on in Israel (I for one am very happy for that), but in cases like these you get the chance to see the rest of the country without any political / financial / social differences. I do believe (call me naive) that if that was the case always and the rest of the country was in fact as Tel Aviv we would have been in a much better place.
So Mazal Tov to Maccabi Tel Aviv for winning the European cup (never figured out what connection we have to Europe but we'll leave it at that) and may the celebrations continue :-)


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Self post

There is a new (not so new) craze that is swiping the land...The Selfie. This thing is going through my mind for quite some time. Why the hell are people taking photos of themselves and posting them all over? Clearly you don't really look you best in a Selfie. Well some actually still look good but in most cases you look a bit off. So what or why is it? After much selfie deliberation I have decided that the main reason for this is as always the lack of self confidence. Some of you may say I disagree, some will probably say, where is the news and some may say I agree (as usual those are the ones that matter :-) SO it's as simple as this. If you are not famous and don't have people running after you to take your picture, you might as well do it yourself. True, Celebes are doing it too but, that's already a craze so it doesn't count. I figured my blog is not much different, no one is writing about me so...  here's a Selfie inside a blog


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