Tuesday, March 26, 2013

pass it over

It's officially behind us. Passover is over, at least the Seder, the vacation is just beginning :-)
The one common thing in Passover between the Seder and the vacation starting the day after is this. The point of the Seder is being with family and friends and apparently the vacation time in Passover is the same, big time. The Passover vacation (anywhere you go) is with the rest of the "family", the country that is.
There isn't a place "passed over" by the Israeli people, no where un-found, no rock un-turned. Even European countries find themselves talking Hebrew this time of year, to each other. But I am not complaining, we have amazing weather, beautiful beaches and great food. Well at least for those of us who don't keep a Kosher Passover (not eating bread only maza) like us.
So happy passover to all, may the fun won't pass you over :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The egale has landed

The american eagle of course. Obama has arrived in Israel, and with him:
Air force one, two other cargo planes caring, three helicopters, three armed RV's and a 600 men and women entourage .
Here there will be 3,000 policemen assigned to this visit. So on our end the visit will cost an estimate of 40,000,000 (that's 11,000,000$) god only knows the cost on the american side, and all this, for 48 hours.
So what have we learned from all this? Apparently, nothing!
So let's sum it up. I do believe this visit is important, but still, 40,000,000?
Well, this equivalents to:

An annual budget for 247 average Israeli families, or...
40 apartments, or...
333 cars, or...
I can go on and on and on and on... but one thing for sure, it's a damn nice car

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Down under

Amerric (animal management...) in Austrelia had a beautiful ad asking for help in the protection of Australian dogs

Now the they came out with a TV ad with the same concept... simply beautiful


Monday, March 11, 2013

Great mind think alike?

A couple of years ago the Israeli government came out with a campaign for saving water with the title: "Israel is drying out".
Now in brazil there is a campaign for the same issue with the title: "When the water goes, we dry".
Great minds think alike? As always you'll be the judge...

For a full disclosure the Israeli campaign was taken from a TV ad


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Violence pays

Apparently violence really pays off. Growing up between two sisters "violence" was a part of my day to day life. When I was young I got it from my older sister and when I myself grew up, I was generous enough to pass it on to my younger sister. I know it sounds like a joke, sisters, violence? But yes we where crazy and did some wild and dangerous things to each other. SO why am saying that violence pays? Well I just came back from an amazing weekend in the desert with my sisters (the same violent ones) and I believe the amazing connection we have with each other today must have derived from something, so I guess it must be the violence :-)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creative of the week

Brand Master Flash

Next week I am going to give a lecture about branding and the relationship between the client and the advertising agency, to a bunch of regional managers in one of the largest health care services. Of course branding health care services is nothing new, it's been going on for decades, but the fact they are willing to learn and improve their communication with us advertisers makes me warm inside (let's not get carried away).
So I am ready to charge. My lecture is ready and looks great and I am going to blow their minds.
They are going to learn and internalize the material like never before. Then they will delegate it to their subordinates and then...
the minute something urgent will come, all that knowledge will fly out the window and things will get back to normal.
But hey, I am optimistic (no one ever called me a realist).


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