Friday, January 28, 2011

Friends forever

Usually when we grow up we all keep a close friend or two from the old days. Of course though our adult lives we meet a lot of people from all walks of life. At university, at work (especially if you change it every couple of years) and from our significant other. But all these friends are usually not the ones you're going to call in an emergency or when you want to spill your guts. For these occasions we have our old and faithful friends. But does this relationship requires taking shit from your friends? And if so, to what extant? And when it is it OK to cut them loos? Now, I don't want to sound cold and I don't want to sound harsh, but a man can only take so much (Sorry just had to write this: Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain 1986), but I don't see any reason other than nostalgia to keep faking it. There is an old saying: Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends - Jacques Delille. So... Our judgment maybe have been a bit off when we were young and thats OK, but obviously people grow up and change. I am sorry if I sound bitter, but on the contrary, I am in peace with my self. Especially when It's my wife's friend and not mine :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Litle big brother

How far will we go in order to look stupid? There is a saying that is something like: who is stupider. The stupid person or the one who's following him? So what makes one reality show bigger than others? I admit, I do not watch Big Brother, but every now and then when I am writing here or doing something else, it's sometimes in the background and only because the T.V. is on. Now from day one of course, the people that were chosen to be on Big Brother are chosen for their rating ability, i.e. Pretty, midget, dumb blond or just simply stupid. But, and thats a BIG but... the people who are watching this program are not (being chosen that is), and as that saying goes, they must be stupider. Strangely enough I know a few people, not stupid at all, which are devoted followers of this show. So what makes this show different? What makes smart people follow stupid shows? Well, I really don't know, but I guess if I did, I would have the next Big thing on T.V.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The world can be divided into quite a few "before and after"s. I decided to divide it according to Google. Before and after Google. Google has changed our lives and our work of course in more than one way. Although it's "only" a search engine it completely changed the way we do business and marketing on the web. If in the world before Google I could have published an ad saying something like: "The best sex" which of course is saying exactly what it should. Today in the post Google world if we'd want the same tag line to work (bring in customers that is) it would probably say: "The best verity of online sex. The No. 1 sex site on the web, for men and women" or something of the sort. Which brings into question, what sells more, SEX or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Has Google actually invented a bigger USP than SEX? Are we now able to sell the stuff we used to sell using SEX, without it now, just by using the right SEO?
I wonder if in the near future I can use SEO to become a CEO?! One can hope no?

Friday, January 14, 2011

The hunt for power

Power, as we all know is very important, today more than ever. We always strive for power. At work, on the road and even at home sometimes. Having it is like a kind of relaxation, when you have power you know you are covered. You are accessible but yet you don't have to be, you are always informed but you don't have to inform others. The funny thing is, getting this power is usually up to you, but you seem to always loose it when you most need it. For me usually it's the weekends. I almost always leave it behind me at work and then when I really need it... is not there. It's not like I can't be without it, but it gives you a kind of inner peace knowing you are still in charge even when you don't have to be. If you look back a few years, let's say 15 years, it wasn't that big of a deal. We lived without it for a long time and things where fine, but going back is impossible. It is now as you know Saturday and this morning I woke up, had my coffee and all of a sudden I felt this powerless feeling again, but right then I remembered I am not powerless at all. Actually my car's cell charger fits my computer too. O yes, how does the song go? I've got the power.

Creative of the week

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you can read this, you must be too close

Every year ad agencies spend top dollars (well the clients dollars) for researches and studies which all say the same thing: People don't read the text in ad campaigns, especially not the fine prints. Of course still advertisers insist of too much text. But not every one, some even go the other direction. Saatchi & Saatchi from Spain found a great way of making the small print imperative. I am not sure this ad delivers what it supposed to, although I think it does. But anyway, I believe you will enjoy reading this...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

R e s p e c t

No gimmicks, no fancy copy writing, nothing of the sort.
This week, Orange, a major player in the Israeli mobile market as ended a 12 years old romance with it's ad agency y&r. Now y&r (at least in my book) is by far the most creative ad agency in Israel. But this week I have learned something else about this agency and the people who run it. It is also dignified. Not a quality you'd expect to find in an Israeli business. After being left by Orange (one of the agency's biggest clients), y&r did everything right. The management took all the people who worked on this client and assured them that in spite of the new and unexpected situation, nothing is going to change. And then, they sent Orange this amazing "ad" which symbolizes the work that has been done for the past 12 years. At the end of everything came a letter basically saying: We are proud to have been with Orange from day one and had the privileged to help making this brand become a household name. We would like to thank Orange and it's exceptional managers who gave us the opportunity to take part in this amazing journey. We are leaving you now after 12 years filled with energy and motivation to do it again. (in a nut shell).
I really think that only one word can describe all this...Respect

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get ready for the future

Everything is now HD. If it's not HD it's well... SD which means standard. Of course HD is basically just trying it's best to imitate life or better yet improve it, but look at us. Not long ago the Japanese have invented HD vision for normal people, so i guess that means that so far, we are all just HD ready. Now HD ready is just not good enough these days. HD ready means you can accept the stuff HD has, but still you don't have it in you. Close but no cigar.
Now, as HD ready people I believe we are entitled to better quality content in our lives, You know, better everything. If we don't have it like the Full HD people, we at least deserve it, we are ready after all. I think in the near future the content will be what differentiate us all. No longer will we be judged by our color or ethnicity but by the "quality" of our content. The better the picture and sound quality the better. In this future HD people will most probably earn more money than HD ready people and of course more than SD people. For most of us HD ready people it will be very hard getting our hand on the same content the HD people will take for granted, I guess it will be hard for us middle class people. Come to think about it, nothing is going to change.
If you are born HD ready most likely you will die HD ready.

Creative of the week

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Denial is not just a river in Eygpt

Last night as we all know was St. Silvester (may he burn in Hell if there is one) and we all think like a month before about what are we going to do in this glorious night. Are we going out to a party? Are we going to a good restaurant? Or are we just meeting friends? I think It's not even legal to contemplate about staying in. But lets for a second break it down. It's Friday night (which normally you hate going out unless you are younger than 20), every where is at least double the price and packed plus it just started to rain. So... what are the alternatives? Take away from a fine restaurant, a good movie and good company.
OK the kids are a sleep I got some really fine cuisine and a promising comedy on DVD. The food was great, but now after, is seams so quiet and relaxed that you lost the company you had and just stayed by yourself with the movie. 30 minutes later you realize the film is SHIT, but hey... it's already past midnight so who cares? It's not like I missed anything.
I think the new year 1.1.2011 is a great reason to go out, don't you?
Now what are we going to do today


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