Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creative of the week

A full house short of a queen

I went to see Rihanna last night with my 9 year old daughter and 55 thousand others. I must admit I love concerts and being with my daughter was an amazing and different experience for me. Seeing a concert trough her eyes, eyes that experience this sort of thing for the first time ever. She of course loved every minute of it, the crowd, the lights, the lasers, even the fact Rihanna started an hour late didn't ruin it for her.
But for me, the experience was a bit different. After David Gueta's show in Masada last week which was one of the best ever, things didn't look that great. The wait was long and unprofessional, the sound was of balance, the playback was to obvious and the show was way too short.
But hey, I got a discount...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

King David

The first time King David visited Masada was during his flee from Saul. Since then, The king has visited the site at least three times. In the last one after realizing the strategic values of Masada he staled there till the profit Gad asked him to leave.
Thousands of years later it seems that king David has returned. Only this time he wasn't only chased by Saul, but by thousands. We all took the long journey to Masada. Upon arrival at the foot of the mountain we were joined by the rest of the troops, we all set down and prepared ourselves for the king. We fed, we drank and we continued our travel towards the plateau. It slowly became dark as the celebration grew louder and it all started to remind us the golden calf festival at the foot of mount Sinai many years before. Then he appeared, king David in the flash, back at Masada. Everybody went into a frenzy and so did I, and at one o'clock he started his "sermon"...
I am a believer.

David Gueta -424 Masada 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's my life

Getting messages on Facebook like: David wants you to give him life on Candy Crash is a bit weird I must admit. In real life when something happens, you can't just ask for extra time or another life. But in your online life (which for some it's basically their wannabe life) you can have 9 lives like a cat or even more. I know it's obvious and I am not telling you anything you didn't know before, but think of this. Younger and younger kids play online games and it makes you wonder if their concept of life and death is getting warped.
Now, I am only writing my thoughts not my opinions, so some might say it is a good thing and it helps them deal with death easily, but then again it is the death of a virtual life and not a real one.
So I will leave you with this though... What happens when someone dies for real while finishing their last life on Candy Crash and sends out a life request on Facebook?
I smell another episode of Black Mirror :-)


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