Saturday, June 12, 2010

Give me L, give me o, give me g, give me o

Last week I was asked by a new client, how much will I charge for designing a new logo for his company.
"Well, how much is it worth for you" I asked?
"I don't really know" he replayed.
"OK then, lets break it down. What is a logo? What does it stand for?
Basically, it is the first and sometimes only meeting point between your company or product and the public. And lets see, probably all your marketing plans, all the campaigns, all the road shows you attend, practically all the money you spend is for making the logo a famous icon (brand). So people will get familiar with it, remember it, choose it (or the product or service it stands for), and then prefer it to other brands.
So... what is it worth for you now? I urged" .
"I think I should make you my partner" he replayed".
"No thanks" I said: "just give me...$, and you can write it as an expense"

I am too busy writing my blog


  1. כמה אתה צודק. לוגו זה פרסןם, לוגו הן מכירות, לוגו הוא מה שגורם לרוכש להושיט ידים דוקא למוצר שהוא מופיע עליו ובאמת שווה הרבה, אולי יותר אפילו מכל מרכיב אחר. זו הסיבה שבוחרים בך בתור קריאטיב, ןאיזה בחירה מצוינת!!!

  2. חחחחח...

    רק שלא תהיה עסוק מידי חלילה ותהפוך ממעצב לכותב.....


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