Saturday, July 3, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Finally, I found some peace and quiet so I can write to you on my blog (I know you have been waiting for it impatiently). Actually I missed writing much more than you missed reading. Last few weeks I was busy moving to my new place, while working hard on a project I run now (a house we are renovating), while painting and designing my new place, while painting my old apartment and... dealing with my advertising clients all at once. So I am challenging you my readers to find me an extra hour (prizes will be given of course). When you think about it, it's amazing how much we can accomplish in such little time. Some of us who worked in an ad agency know exactly what I am talking about. But still even when we do accomplish a lot it doesn't mean we do a good job. So yes me too, perfect as I am, need an extra hour. So pick up the glove and find me an extra hour.
Even if it takes you more time than you have


  1. אני מוכנה לתרום לך שעה מהשעות שלי, 23, 24 מה ההבדל הגדול...

  2. I heard theres a sale on ebay.. the used ones are going for really low prices :)
    But seriously.. i too find myself wanting the extra hour and you know what? sometimes you just have to drop everything from your hands to the floor, sit down and have a cool drink, close your eyes for a while, and then pick everything up again and keep going refreshed. Works for me every time.

  3. במקום להוציא את הכלבה לפיפי



  4. תאמין לי אתה, מה תגיד מאיה, מה?
    מה יגידו שאר האמהות, מה?
    מה אני אגיד, מה???????
    מאיפה אני אביא לך עוד שעה? מאיפה?

  5. לו ידעת כמה אתה מביע את מה שכולנו כל כך רוצים ,זמן נוסף,עוד שעה, אפילו נסתפק בחצי שעה אבל זה מה יש. אמר המגיב שלך : שב, שתה משהו קר ואחר כך תחזור לדברים כי כשעושים דברים מאהבה הזמן מתארך!!