Monday, February 27, 2017

The truth is out there

Is it?
The majority of people (I hope) won't take any of Trump's words for granted, but yet a leading news icon such as the New York Times found it important to prove itself truthful to him. The person whom they lease respect and see as truthful, be it the president of the USA.
Actually, was there ever a completely truthful president? Or did they all simply act the part?
Now I for one, choose to trust the New York Times over Trump any time. Still, we all must ask ourselves, nowadays when almost everyone can upload anything to the web, how do we know what is true and what is false? Does the fact this post, for example, will now be on the web forever make it true?

I have a lot of questions I know, but it's on my mind all the time. Basically, we could all be living a lie oblivious by choice to anything else around us in a sort of Matrix or maybe we just live like this as a form of self-preservation. I choose to be awake and try and sort out the truth (at least try) from everything. I believe you should too


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