Saturday, August 21, 2010

In-ception, Out-the rest

Not since THE MATRIX have I seen such a captivating movie. I just came back from watching INCEPTION and well, what can I say. First of all, respect to Christopher Nolan on such an amazing script (even though some aspects of it reminded me of DARK CITY). Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a terrific job as always, the effects are phenomenal and the movie as a whole was a treat to every sense in the body. I must admit, the last half minute (to my opinion) was a bit predictable and "American", but truthfully, I can't think of a better ending (as of now, give me some time). I do still think this is by far the best film I have seen these last few years, so just go... no actually run to see it, because you need to wake up and start dreaming


  1. .Youll get no argument from me on that movie being just out right genius  Still need to see it again cause there was a lot of info pumped out , most of it in invented technical terms so it needs a second proccesing to digest it . whole and to fully enjoy that roller coaster ride. Reminds me of the first time i read william gibsons neuromancer - the book that practicaly started the whole cyberpunk jenre. Had to read almost every sentence three times to fully understand the terminology. Nolan puts himself out there with the giliams and the wachowskis. Lets hope he delivers on the tab he opened in our exclusives bar

  2. המשפט הסופי הוא כל מה שצריך כפילוסופיה בחיים ואני אקח את ההמלצה שלך ואלך.

  3. עכשו חזרתי מהסרט, מאד מיוחד ולא פלא שיש שהולכים אליו שוב. יש הרבה מאד מה "לבלוע" אפקטים מהממים ורעיון מאד מעורר מחשבה חגם קצת מפחיד,עתיד שיכול להיו?????

  4. אין מה להוסיף... רק אומר שגם אני לא ראיתי
    משהו יותר טוב מאז מטריקס (הראשון)
    בטוח שפיספסתי ים של פרטים ורבדים הטמונים בעלילה