Saturday, September 4, 2010

The art of noise

I don't know if you can relate (although most of you are either as old as me or just young family men/women) but for a family man, Saturday mornings are supposed to be all about sleeping in and relaxing. Well... tell this to my kids. So, you wake up earlier than the birds and your relaxed Saturday starts off with, DAD I want SHOKO. Of course by then the other energizer wakes up and joins the fun, DAD I want SHOKO. Now, usually that's not a big deal but remember it's Saturday and this is only the beginning. Now you think to your self: "what are we going to do today?", since we have a new house staying in sounds nice, but we can't stay by ourselves, so, "who are we going to invite?" After an hour or two you find your self still at home, it's 10 o'clock, your friends came over and now you got five, not two, midgets running around you with a strange craving to destroy something. So after awhile you decide with your friends, "we need an outlet for this erupting energy, plus it's getting time to eat " (of course we are not about to destroy the our new home while doing so) so we all decide it will be wiser to eat out. Hmmmmm true, your house stays intact, but your sanity doesn't. After lunch at a restaurant with Dennis the menace and Co. you go back home to salvage what's left of your "relaxing" Saturday (or that's what you think). Now, It's shower time (if they agree of course), a bit of T.V. and we are of to bed. It's half past nine and your wife gets out of their bedroom with a face that's saying: " I hope you are self sufficient".
Finally, around ten you have your Saturday back, the kids are in bed sleeping and your wife is on the sofa, sleeping and all you can think of while zapping through the channels is:
"Thank god it's Sunday tomorrow, I can have some rest at work"

6:40: DAD I want SHOKO


  1. מותק, אין לך מושג מה זה אנרג'ייזר. אין לך, ואתה יודע שאני צודקת. השבת שלי מתחילה כך, וזה מתג און אוף מאד מהיר: אמא בואי איתי לסלון. אמא בואי איתי לסלון. אמא בואי איתי לסלון. אמא בואי איתי לסלון. [אני באה] נדנד-דה.נדנד-דה.נדנד-דה.נדנד-דה. [אני מעלה לנדנדה ועכשיו עבד לנדנודים]. וכו וכו...

  2. תאמין לי שהתאור שלך נראה לי כל כך רחוק וזו הנמה שתהיה לך שיום אחד זה עובר ואני חייבת לאמר לך שעוד תתגעגע לרעש הזה. ברצינות, זה רעש נפלא. העיצה היחידה שאני יכולה לתת לך זו עיצה שאני קבלתתי כשאתם הייתם קטנים מהרופאת הילדים שלי היא : תקני פקקים של ספוג ושימי אותם באוזן. אחרי זמן מה הם יתרגלו ל" חרשות" שלך ואולי יבינו טוב יותר מה זאת שבת.איך הילדים אומרים ססתתםם! אבל הרועשות שלך כל כך משגעות שזה שווה!!!!!!


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