Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brand and butter

As you all know I am designing my new house and in a relentless chase after the right furniture. But as usual the chase changes into a formula of: design - brand - price. Finally you find what you are looking for but of course the really nice things are usually the most expensive brands out there, Italian designers, special interior design stores and so on and so fourth. So what on earth do you do? Do you buy what you found (after looking for two months) even though it's ridiculously expensive? Or you find a way to manufacture the piece (which sometimes will cost the same), or even go as far as compromising and buying something else? Well, I don't believe in compromising. So for now I guess I am staying without a few necessary furniture, but hey, at least I am not compromising. I guess my tomb stone it will say: "He sat on the floor, but he didn't compromise". But you must admit, I do have impeccable taste


  1. אני אפנה אותך לחנות בראשון שיכולה ללא כל ספק לייצר בדיוק כזו ספה בשבילך, במחיר מצחיק. בדוק.
    מעבר לכך, בתוך מגיבה קבועה אני מצפה לתגובות בבלוג החדש

  2. well as long as your furniture doesnt deprive you of t.v., food or sex i really dont see any reason to compromise either :)

  3. לא נורא עכשיו קיץ, אפשר לשבת על הרצפה בינתיים, ואני אארגן את הנרגילות
    העיקר שלא תתפשר.