Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you believe

Yom Kippur is upon us and with it come deep thoughts (at least for my daughter), existential thoughts, about why do people fast and why doesn't anyone drive or why do people believe and of course do you (me that is)!? Now, trying to explain to a 5 year old isn't easy (and not because she is not smart enough to understand), the fasting element is easy and even the absent of driving, but try to explain the part about believing or lack of and you find your self making excuses and of course blaming the entire clan before you for why you don't. After wiggling for and hour, you hear you daughter saying: "when I grow up I don't want to believe to". Now you don't really know how to feel about it let alone how to react. Do you react like a proud dad, happy that your child is following your footsteps or you start another long conversation about why it is best to understand before actually deciding on such matters. Well of course yours truly started the extra debate, that surprisingly went OK and we decided not to decide. But then I remembered we forgot to talk about asking for forgiveness.
So I am really not sorry for not fasting and I am not sorry (sis) for not believing I should be sorry.
But I do believe in something, I believe I never did anything to anyone that justifies me going on a hunger strike .
Gmar Htima Tova and remember: The truth is out there


  1. קשה מאד להסביר לילדים, ודוקא חכמים, ענינים כמו אמונות אבל יצאת מזה בחכמה ואני בטוחה שהילדה הזו תדע לבחור בצורה החכמה ביותר ,יש לה את זה.

  2. יונתן שרצה להיכנס לאוטו ולנהוג ולצפצף, ונאמר לו שאסור ביום כיפור, שאל: אולי בכל זאת?

  3. ככה זה אצל ילדים,
    הכל אמיתי, חד משמעי.

    זה כמו שאמא שלי אמרה לאלון,
    "אני קופצת רגע לשכנה"
    והוא התחיל לקפוץ בכל הבית



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