Wednesday, May 29, 2013

philosophy bitch

Facebook, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the social network. It seems that Facebook has become the philosopher of our generation. No more simple "stay in touch" or "look at my kid's new trick" posts, people are taking the "what's on your mind?" literally and posting what's on "their minds". They have been posting a ray of ridiculous and out of context tacky philosophical sentences that supposing reflects their thoughts. The problem is... It's not really theirs.
Captain's log:
So when does a thought becomes your own?
Does it have to be an original?
Can someone have a non-original philosophical thought?
And what if you thought it's an original but it's not?
Are these questions philosophical?

Hey there's a philosophical thought, maybe I should post these questions on Facebook.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bansky who?

Bansky, is an English based graffiti artist/political activist etc. How do I know all that? Advertising. The same Bansky just came out with this work, that basically goes against advertisers. I believe you can at least relate to the paradox here. Correct me if I am wrong but advertising has many forms, one being has been used by Bansky to "advertise" his anti-advertising work.
Now, there is no doubt that Bansky is extremely talented and has a lot of real social messages, but using advertising to promote an anti advertising message seems to me a bit, well... off the wall

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sticky as maple syrup

Well I am back. In the last post we blamed Canada for basically everything, but truth be told Canada is a great country. But I do have a long "blame list", so let's start:
We flew out from Tel Aviv with KLM, which probably stands for: Killing Leisure Masters. The flight was on time but that was about it. First of all, they set us in separate seats (yes, the tickets were ordered together), the crew was unpleasant and the food wasn't all that. But let me give an example for the crew's "helpful" demeanor. This one sided conversation was held between a KLM stewart and, well himself:
"Madam, the seat-belts go over the blanket, madam over the blanket. We need to see that you actually fastened them (because we all are so infantile and not trust worthy), Madam, the seat-belts go over the blanket, no. First the seat-belt than the blanket. Madam, the seat-belts go over the blanket... This went on for at least 7 minutes. Any way, the flight wasn't the best ever. Flying back was even worst, we flew with Alitalia. Now the Italian are know for at least three good things: Design, ice cream and coffee. So, when you get a brow liquid in an Italian air lines and call it coffee well that is a slap in the face for all Italians out there. The plane was, for lack of better words, old. One big screen was showing a movie (chosen by the airline of course) for every 5 rows of seats. 5 channels of radio with mostly Italian shows and all the magazines, You guessed it right, only in Italian. Let's just say our flying experience wasn't a good one.
We can still blame Canada for a few things too like, really bad coffee, the non existence of free wireless networks etc. But I choose not too. Canada was great. Great people, great food, great culture, simply great.
So as strange as it will sound coming from me, I came back to amazing coffee, free wireless everywhere, even better food and my daughters of course. But still there is one blame, and that's on us. For not learning more from places like Canada, as for how to treat each other with curtsy and respect.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blame Canada

It seems everyone likes to blame Canada. From Israel, for using (alleged) Canadian passports in the Mabhouh assignation in 2010 to South park for basically, anything else. So theredadman has decided to look into these harsh accusations. Yap I am going to Canada. I pledge to check it all. The pubs, the restaurants, shopping, food, even maple syrop. I will leave no rock unturned no sushi untested. I will get results! Will it change anything? Will the world stop blaming Canada? I doubt it. But a man's got to do, what... you know the rest.



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