Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have a sit

Designing your new home is a fun but very daunting job. The renovations, painting and so on and so fourth are basically the easy part, finding the right furniture is the real hassle. For the past month we've been watching T.V. with a sore neck from our new bespoke sofa. We decided the design needs a massive sofa on the side and two armchairs facing the T.V. wall to complete the living room design. But... now the hassle starts.
Have you ever had a picture in your head you desperately tried to turn into reality, only to realize not every designer out there sees things the way you do? (bummer).
But a true dreamer, doesn't give up. So I will keep on looking, surfing, browsing and window shopping until I will "find what I am looking for", and if not, maybe I will just do it myself.
So if you will see me (or Maya) walking in a weird pose or just with a stiff neck, know we've yet to find our elusive armchair

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Signed sealed and delivered

Seal proved to us once more that he belong on stage (when he is not with Heidi). Last night we went out to watch him in concert. Now, the man is a great singer there is no doubt, but we didn't expect (at least I didn't) such a performer. From the get going it was obvious it's going to be a great show. He gave it all, he was warm to us the audience, he was hyper and full of energy that rubbed on who ever was there and his voice sounded great. The sound system was out of this world and the whole show felt like it was produced especially for us, as if it was a private show for his few thousands closest friends.

well, obviously there isn't a real point to this post, just wanted to share this experience with you

Friday, July 16, 2010

Size doesn't matter

We've just moved into a new place (Mazal Tov, thank you), it's a garden flat and outside in the front garden there is a little shed. Today, after a fortnight of living in this place I've decided to take all the unnecessary and less necessary stuff and put it out of sight in the shed. Now this shed is quit small and I have a lot of stuff. So... I started organizing and designing this small space and started putting things inside. More and more one thing after another and everything (and I mean everything) fitted inside and I have room to move. The moral of the story is simple:
SIZE DOESN'T MATTER, when you need to push something into a small space,
it's not the size, it's the system, the patience and the heat.
But lets all not forget why we are doing it. its not for more space and it's not from Boredom, it's for the pure unadulterated satisfaction when you come... to the end

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just fake it

Really, come on, didn't we talk about it just recently? About ad agencies not being original? What is going on? I am talking about the last Nissan Qashqai campaign of course. Doesn't it remind you of something, especially the ending (only not made as well as...) Well if we are broadcasting on the same wave length, you know I am talking about the wonderful, timeless Sony Bravia
"colour like no other" campaign
So enjoy the original and... do what ever you wish with the fake

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Finally, I found some peace and quiet so I can write to you on my blog (I know you have been waiting for it impatiently). Actually I missed writing much more than you missed reading. Last few weeks I was busy moving to my new place, while working hard on a project I run now (a house we are renovating), while painting and designing my new place, while painting my old apartment and... dealing with my advertising clients all at once. So I am challenging you my readers to find me an extra hour (prizes will be given of course). When you think about it, it's amazing how much we can accomplish in such little time. Some of us who worked in an ad agency know exactly what I am talking about. But still even when we do accomplish a lot it doesn't mean we do a good job. So yes me too, perfect as I am, need an extra hour. So pick up the glove and find me an extra hour.
Even if it takes you more time than you have


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