Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halt! das is zimmer

When you take the German word ZIMMER to it's original meaning: A small room with shower and toilets (nothing that even resembles vacation is mentioned in the word's interpretation) it makes you wonder, when did we embrace this German word and topped it with our need to relax and spend money. Every week you hear of a new word that the Hebrew Language Academy comes up with, why not for Zimmer.
We just came back from five days in one of these Zimmers up north and the one thing you can not call it, is: A small room with shower and toilets. Nowadays Zimmers are equipped with much more. You have a nice BIG room, usually made of wood (because we are in the snowy mountains of Europe) a giant jacuzzi, a small but nice kitchenette and of course an LCD screen with a surround sound system. Oh yes even a nice pool. So I guess since we are no longer living in Nazi Germany we can enjoy a nice Zimmer even without dreaming we are in beautiful Germany and spend a lot of money while doing so, as long as we don't get there by train

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In-ception, Out-the rest

Not since THE MATRIX have I seen such a captivating movie. I just came back from watching INCEPTION and well, what can I say. First of all, respect to Christopher Nolan on such an amazing script (even though some aspects of it reminded me of DARK CITY). Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a terrific job as always, the effects are phenomenal and the movie as a whole was a treat to every sense in the body. I must admit, the last half minute (to my opinion) was a bit predictable and "American", but truthfully, I can't think of a better ending (as of now, give me some time). I do still think this is by far the best film I have seen these last few years, so just go... no actually run to see it, because you need to wake up and start dreaming

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nowadays, it seems like every movie comes in 3D. I for one think that enough is enough. Really, I too love a good 3D movie, but come on, every movie? Even dance movies like "Step up" got 3D, who wants to see dancing in 3D? If I wanted to do so I would go and see a live show. But... when thing are done the right way or the PIXAR way, it sure looks good. Yesterday I went to see TOY STORY 3 a true legacy in animation motion pictures. Lets not forget TOY STORY was the actual first full length animation movie. So it's true, since then PIXAR had succeeded to do what no other film company did, that is having a bigger success in every new film they came out with. TOY STORY 3 doesn't look like it's going to brake the mold. The film was great, the story was fun, the characters were lovable and even the 3D effect was right on the money. Yes, I think PIXAR has done it again. Unlike SHREK or a few other good movies that couldn't hold the weight of success, it seems like PIXAR by taking their time, only did good to this wonderful movie. So if you are young or young at heart, go and have fun

Friday, August 13, 2010

Copy or original

In this case the copy is completely original. I guess I can take some credit and say it runs in the family or at least rubs off but the truth is that Maya (my other half) has got it. After I have been suffering from mental animals in my house Maya started to realize that some of her animals are in fact f...up, so... she came up with a great tag line for a pet specialist: PHYCOPET
Now, if one of you readers is in fact a pet psychologist we (I mean Maya) will gladly sell you the tag line. Hey, we need money for the armchairs don't forget

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brand and butter

As you all know I am designing my new house and in a relentless chase after the right furniture. But as usual the chase changes into a formula of: design - brand - price. Finally you find what you are looking for but of course the really nice things are usually the most expensive brands out there, Italian designers, special interior design stores and so on and so fourth. So what on earth do you do? Do you buy what you found (after looking for two months) even though it's ridiculously expensive? Or you find a way to manufacture the piece (which sometimes will cost the same), or even go as far as compromising and buying something else? Well, I don't believe in compromising. So for now I guess I am staying without a few necessary furniture, but hey, at least I am not compromising. I guess my tomb stone it will say: "He sat on the floor, but he didn't compromise". But you must admit, I do have impeccable taste


Forgive me guys for I have sinned, It's been 3 months since my last confession. Well, I have been neglecting my blog's duties, but ...