Monday, October 31, 2011

kiss but don't tell

Don't drink and drive. Drinking may cause impotence and so on and so forth...
Every ad or slogan is trying to educate us about the no no's of drinking alcohol some do it well and some well, just do it. But now they want to ban the advertising of alcohol all together and that's like saying to a kid after jumping over a bus with his bike, "I told you so..." and to think I was one of the people that helped putting him (one of the men behind this bill) in his legislature seat. Opposing this bill are a few ad agencies that claim this reminds them of an Iranian regime. I of course agree and don't believe governments should decide for us rather than try and convince or educate us.
So before going back to prohibition, here are some examples to think about

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative of the week

Are we there yet?

It's been about a month since we all took the walk from Rothschild to The Tel-Aviv Museum. All of a sudden with Gilad Shalit returning home and the mess with the Turks (f...em all) and lets not forget the doctors, nothing is happening. From the biggest social demonstration ever to take place here to... nothing?
I find it a bit strange to say the least. But lets think about it for a moment. What did we really get from all that? Our Doctors are still making shit money, the electricity bills are up, the gas for our cars is up, again, our municipality taxes are going to rise now and Facebook is still the biggest social network and growing.
So basically nothing has changed. But hey, Cottage cheese is now cheaper. So I guess we can now live in a cottage (cheese), keep on eating our savings and hopefully stay healthy enough not to be needing a doctor. Of course, lets not forget we can still get our all inclusive in Eilat for just double the money.
I don't know about you, but I feel...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in the market

The Gilad Shalit saga is soon to be over :-) at least the long and ugly part of it. Over the last 5 years Gilad Shalit has become an icon, a brand, that till now has tried to encapsulate what we believe this country stands for and basically sell us this idea. Looking at this from a creative and advertising point of view, you can't help but appreciate the force behind this "brand". Unlike any other brand, this one kept going strong for 5 years. The non stop media blast, the public's thirst for updates and the constant PR made it a house hold name. But as always I think it is the product that makes it work. Even the best campaigns can only go so far with a bad product. In our case, it's the product rather than the campaign (as good as it was). I just hope that comes tomorrow when the "product" is released, we will not be the early adapters this time and let the owners enjoy it first.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Where do we go from here?

I thought I was the only one, but it seems like this is not the case. A few days ago a very good friend, a talented copy writer called me. He offered we volunteer to create a campaign for who ever needs it. Of course I agreed. Truth be told it's not only the volunteering fact that made me say yes, it is one of the reasons. But we will simply do creative together again, the thing that we were put on this earth for. But it appears that ad agencies here forgot what it is to be creative. It's not for the lack of creative minds of course, just look at international advertising web sites or check out world advertising competitions. We are there, big time. And it's not that creative doesn't sell, we know it does. All over the world including here, agencies that chose to stay creative, were very successful. So what is going on here?
I think, as long as we'll keep on walking through the desert for a cold drink, enter white fabrics accompanied by a scientist or simply keep on copying from each other, we wont find our way back. But still there is hope yet...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creative of the week

I say, better late than ever. When this creative piece of work can out in 2006, it was funny as hell. But finding out it was only a promotional video done by a special effect company and not a campaign of a sort, left me wondering. When will someone use this idea in a campaign. Lo and behold, Nissan decided to rise to the challenge.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The streets have no name

Kippur day is of course a burned memory in the collective minds of all Israelis. But it is also a unique day that allow kids to run wild and unattended in the streets. From a grown up (embarrassing I know) point of view, it starts off like a scene from the movie "Minority Report", somewhere in the far and uninhabited future, but it quickly turns into "The 12 Monkeys" where the animals roam the streets. So lets sum it up...
Some go to synagogs to pray, some stay home and watch TV. Some stop eating and fast, some ride fast and then eat. But whatever you do, religious or secular you feel that there is something in the air. Maybe it the silence. All of a sudden there are no cars humming, no sounds from radios or TV's. Nothing. I believe if an align would have landed on Yom Kippur, he would think he came to an amazing place. It's sunny and green. it's so quiet and friendly, everybody is wearing white and drives friendly to the environment vehicles, people are communicating verbally and not via electronic devices, truly heaven.
I just hope it will be a one day visit. We do want them to come back.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apples and Oranges

Last night Steve Jobs passed away at the young age of 56. In this short time Jobs has changed our lives in a way that will only improve in time thanks to his legacy. The man that reinvented his own company Apple and changed it from a computers company into a life style trend setter. The man that took GUI and turned it into an art form. The man that took communication and turned it into, well... communication.
For me, a Mac and gadgets lover, it's a very sad day :-(

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creative of the week

They put the i in the phone

Yesterday, the all world was waiting to hear what i had to say. By i I do not mean me of course but iPhone. As an advertiser I must admit we have a lot to learn from Apple. Apple has mastered the art of creating a buzz or a teaser if you like to an upcoming campaign. Yesterday was no different, the world was waiting with anticipation to the new iPhone. The result may be disputed, was it worth the wait is it really a better product. Of course the iPhone users will never admit they are disappointed any way. But for me it doesn't really matter, the "Apple art of war" has done it again, leaving even the non Mac people dying for more. So as a Mac lover and user for years and an Android lover and user (Mobile) for years... I was excited with the rest of the world from the buzz but disappointed with the outcome :-)
But hey, respect to the new Siri


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