Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Baby...

Every once in a while comes a marketing strategy, that leaves you speechless. For me it was an amazing and gutsy idea for making kids (as well as everyone else) eat more baby carrots. This move was titled: "Baby carrots, eat them like junk food". The idea behind this brilliant concept is to take the baby carrots, and market & brand them as if they are junk food. That means, starting with the packaging, through the shelve space, an advertising campaign and even direct marketing ideas such as a vendor machine. Another innovating thing they did here is developing an iPhone app, the first one ever that actually works on the sound of crunching baby carrots.
Apparently the massive PR noise along with two digits raise in sales has turned (after a very short time) this into the newest trend of young people. That does'nt really surprise me, but what it does is show us again how a little bit of different thinking takes you a long way.


  1. לא רק בפרסומת, מחשבה שונה תוביל אותך לעולמות אחרים.



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