Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a date

September 1st... This date is carved into our consciousness the minute we become parents. In every kid's life there are a few landmarks, (if you are Jewish of course you have a few more than others), your 3rd birthday (usually the first you remember), starting kindergarten and of course starting school. For kids, when they are young, everything new is understandably scary. But for us parents, well for the moms at least, it's terrifying. A friend of mind recently wrote, that after leaving his son at school for the first time, he looked into his eyes as if telling him: "dad is going now, it's up to you". For me it was a bit different. As I was about to leave my 6 years old in school I realized, she has been waiting for this moment for some time now, and she doesn't need me to spoil it by getting all emotional. So I said my goodbye and left.
But when I wanted to leave after doping my youngest at her new kindergarten, I figured, well now I have to be patient and relaxed. So when I tried to do what my friend did, look her in the eyes that is, and "transfer the responsibilities", she didn't even look up, she just waved at me while drawing something down on a piece of paper.
So what can we learn from all this. Well, If I was a psychiatrist I would probably say Nothing, because every child is different. But I am not one am I? So I just tapped myself on the back and said: "you've done a good job, once more"


  1. בהצלחה ליולי ואלון בכיתה א
    יום יבוא והם פשוט יצחקו עלינו יחד

    איך עשינו מכל זה סיפור
    אסף :-)

  2. רומי סיכמה ב"מקריאים המון סיפורים ומחלקים המון ממתקים". ן חובה. נשמע כיף

  3. you're probably more of a psychologist than you give yourself credit for.

    (the way enjoyed the pizza last night, thank you. This is my blog name)



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