Sunday, July 17, 2011

Social branding

It's been 5 months since people took to the streets in Tahrir Square, Egypt. The famous protest took off after people used Facebook as a platform to spread the news to the word. It's not the first time of course, groups with different agendas use Facebook as a marketing platform. "Pages" for example (something between a brands profile to a landing page) where created on Facebook long before Tahrir Square. But I don't think anyone has ever used Facebook as a marketing platform in the form of a protest. Looking into the Cottage cheese protest for example, one must wonder, has Tnuva really lost here or actually the company sold more Cottage cheese once the wind has settled. Think about it, starting a protest on Facebook is like a bush fire. There is even a page on Facebook that complains against the prices of tents (now with the protest going on in Rothschild). But truth be told I haven't really conducted any research into this but I believe that it's worth trying. What I am positive about is that if any company will decide to try this... you will hear about it for the first time here. Well, maybe after Facebook.


  1. לטוב ולרע ידידי
    הכוח שיש לרשתות האלה הוא עצום,
    הוא יכול לבנות אותך ביום אחד ולפורר אותך עד דק ביום שאחריו.
    מי שיודע לעשות את זה נכון

  2. יש לפייס כוח ואולי זה נותן התחלה ואחר כך אפשר להמשיך לבד אבל אין ספק שיש לפייס משהו חזק. רק אני , המבוגרת... לא מתחברת ליחסים דרך הפייס. אני יותר אדם של תץ!!



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