Friday, September 9, 2011

What would my life be like without you?

It's amazing to me, but this week as I was traveling to work and back by cab (due to the fact my electric scooter snapped in half) I realized that it feels like I am missing my legs. Now I am not lazy as you know but this was my thing. Going out every morning with my headphone on, riding through the park and having my own private time. But it only really hit me today when I got my new scooter and I could ones more... ride. It's like when our phone is dead because we forgot to charge it. It's very nice and quiet at first by very quickly you start getting the feeling you are all alone in the world. As our lives move forward and become more modern we start getting dependent on more and more stuff, like: mobile phone, email, Facebook, the morning coffee... Ask someone a bit older and they'll tell you, the world was just fine and everyone was OK without all this. So I think the question is not whether we can live without all these things or not, but rather, do we want to? Well, do you?


  1. אין, אני לא מצליח לעזאזל להבין
    איך ההורים שלנו חיו בעולם הזה ללא...



  2. absolutely.

    Its like when people from the western world talk about native tribes, condescendingly, about how natural and pure they are. But the truth is, once those tribes are introduced to toilet paper they never go back to using leaves.

  3. כן, אז גם אם לא הייתי עובדת אף אחד לא היה מרים גבה :-)

  4. כמו כלום הייתי חוזרת אבל לא להכל כמובן, בלי טלפון זה בסדר גמור אבל שירותים {או כמו שקראו לזה בית שימוש בחצר?!} לזה לא.



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