Friday, November 4, 2011

A creative story

When talking about creativity PIXAR usually come to mind, for me at least. But what is it that makes them more creative if in fact they really are. I think that one of the great things about creative work is freedom. I believe that every creative person will get much more creative when they have freedom to create. In PIXAR that is one of the founding blocks of the company. Through the years PIXAR allowed people from within the company to direct films without any former directing experience. Imagine a client that allows you to create their campaign completely without interference, Ye right. for the past 25 years PIXAR gave us a series of unforgettable animated movies that show that there are really no limits for being creative. I am just waiting to see what's next...


  1. I like it too.... free all the creative creatures !

  2. די לראות את הקצרים של פיקסר כדי להסכים.



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