Friday, August 26, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates

I know it's not like me, being an early adapter as I am regarding everything high-Tech or new, but I just got my first 2.5" potable hard Drive to back up my Mac. It's still amazing to see how every time these things become smaller and smaller on one hand and on the other keep increasing their capacity. The funny thing is, that as time goes by and your life and your "belongings" i.e. information becomes larger you use a smaller box to back it up. As I am writing these words to you my "life" is being downloaded to a tine black box the size of a cigarette box and the only thing that keeps it "alive" s a blinking white led as if to say: "your life is being processed, but soon all will be done". I got to make some new memories and new stuff to back up the next time other wise when the light will turn off it will all be over. This is what some did before backing up their stories they sold'em...


  1. ווייייי כמה זמן לא עשיתי בק אפ!!

  2. אנחנו מתקרבים בצעדי ענק לתלות בלתי נסבלת במכשירים המרובעים האלה.



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