Monday, August 1, 2011

The tent commandments

Every protest or event bring out the best from the creative minds of every Joe shmoe. Usually this creative burst comes in the form of stickers. The current public protest in Tel-Aviv is no different but extremely creative. New stickers and slogans are seen on a daily basis and most of them as always are from the people themselves rather than ad agencies. For me as an advertiser it's a field day. Just seeing all these stickers and slogans is simply wonderful plus we are doing something positive for a change. I know I am saying we and I do not live in a tent, but I do go to all the protests and I am a part of the middle class.
So, tent or not show some solidarity...


  1. אף פעם לא אהבתי אוהלים, למה לא להיות יצירתי ולהתחיל במחאה בצימרים או משהו בסגנון?

  2. אהל או לא סוף סוף עושים מה שהיה צריך מזמן.



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