Tuesday, July 26, 2011

While you were sleeping

Yes it's Sunday again, early in the morning to be exact. Everyday the same story. You wake up, take the kids to wherever they need to go to, drive to work (on the electric scooter of course) and even before the morning coffee you sit down in front of the computer and basically start your day. You check your emails first, then you log-on to your blog, if you have one, from there you visit Facebook just to see if anything has happened in the world during the night. Of course things rarely do. The same news with different titles, a few old "jokes" from bored people and Oops... some of your friends have new friends. Don't get me wrong, writing this post is basically doing the same but I am at work at 08:20 in the morning so I have an excuse. One thing you do discover is that other people apparently have lives and while you are sleeping they actually do stuff, or they're just acting as if they do. In any case I just spent 20 minutes on you, only around 8 hours to go...


  1. שמונה ועשרים זה אמצע היום

  2. מי שחושב שכל ה"חברים" שיש לו בפייס בטוויטר והשד יודע איפה עוד הם אלה שייהיו בשבילו כשצריך, שיחשוב עוד פעם.



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