Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in the market

The Gilad Shalit saga is soon to be over :-) at least the long and ugly part of it. Over the last 5 years Gilad Shalit has become an icon, a brand, that till now has tried to encapsulate what we believe this country stands for and basically sell us this idea. Looking at this from a creative and advertising point of view, you can't help but appreciate the force behind this "brand". Unlike any other brand, this one kept going strong for 5 years. The non stop media blast, the public's thirst for updates and the constant PR made it a house hold name. But as always I think it is the product that makes it work. Even the best campaigns can only go so far with a bad product. In our case, it's the product rather than the campaign (as good as it was). I just hope that comes tomorrow when the "product" is released, we will not be the early adapters this time and let the owners enjoy it first.


  1. ענין גלעד שלוט יצר דילמה איומה אבל אני נורא שמחה שהוא שוחרר והוא בבית. בכל זאת זה מה שמיחד אותנו מכל העמים.

  2. גלעד ודאי שלא בחר להיות אייקון או אפילו מפורסם,
    הרגש וההזדהות של ההמונים עשו לבד את העבודה,
    ומה לעשות, זה מה שעושה פרסום לחזק וטוב.



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