Saturday, July 2, 2011

The + of having friends

Facebook has a new friend. Facebook didn't send this friend a request nor did Facebook invited this new friend to one of it's events. But still, it came uninvited and decided that all of Facebook friends should be his too. So Google+ (Facebook's new "friend") started sending invites to people, but not to everyone of course still, he is not Facebook, not yet that is.
Now, some of Facebook's friends decided that at the least they like the way Google+ looks, and changed their own look to suit his.
When invited somewhere it's a common thing to be asked if you are coming alone or plus one. But how many pluses should one have? In Facebook we already have 500,000,000 friends that show up every now and then without sending even r.s.v.p. And if we already have 500,000,000 potential friends, why do we need more? And what is the plus? Maybe it is just that now you can meet these millions of friends in just another place with new decor and new facilities. Maybe it's just like changing a pub.
The only question here is: will we think its a Plus or we'll just Like it and not more.


  1. כולם רוצים להשתייך למועדון של אלה שמנהלים את העולם

  2. מפחיד, הרי יש לנו את מוטיב העדר, ברגע שאחד מצטרף למועדון חדש מיד כולם רצים אחריו כדי לא להשאר לבד מאחור, אז בעצם, אנחנו כל הזמן רואים את אותם אנשים, לא?
    נהיה קצת צפוץ פה, אולי נעבור כוכב....

  3. חברים? לא ככה אני מבינה את המושג הזה. חברים זה משהו שאפשר " לגעת".



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