Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are we there yet?

It's been about a month since we all took the walk from Rothschild to The Tel-Aviv Museum. All of a sudden with Gilad Shalit returning home and the mess with the Turks (f...em all) and lets not forget the doctors, nothing is happening. From the biggest social demonstration ever to take place here to... nothing?
I find it a bit strange to say the least. But lets think about it for a moment. What did we really get from all that? Our Doctors are still making shit money, the electricity bills are up, the gas for our cars is up, again, our municipality taxes are going to rise now and Facebook is still the biggest social network and growing.
So basically nothing has changed. But hey, Cottage cheese is now cheaper. So I guess we can now live in a cottage (cheese), keep on eating our savings and hopefully stay healthy enough not to be needing a doctor. Of course, lets not forget we can still get our all inclusive in Eilat for just double the money.
I don't know about you, but I feel...

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  1. לא רק כסף לרופאים אלא שעות יותר שפויות למתמחים.
    אבל עם כל זאת, אני גם בעד יותר כסף בשבילי, מישהו מקים אוהל בשביל זה? לא. אולי תרים את הכפפה?



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