Saturday, December 10, 2011

dead man walking

Just got back with the family from a long weekend up north. There seem to be a very short distance between taking time off and enjoying a weekend to "working" for and through the weekend. It's like going to Europe with a group, stopping in 20 locations in 4 days.
Do we really need to fill all our free time with activities. Why is it impossible to just relax..........
Well, it is not. Because tomorrow like any other Sunday I will start the week dead from my action packed time off. But after dispatching the kids to school and kindergarden I will ride to work.
And then I will buy my cup of coffee, sit back in my office and... relax.


  1. ..By Using the special new coffee glass of course...though it might takes a bit of whiskey to relax a real MadMan ;-)

  2. חחחחחח
    כל כך נכון!

  3. אלה החיים במאה העשרים!!



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