Saturday, April 2, 2011

All roads lead to...

Driving back from the south, Pharan to be exact, it seems like all you do is drive for hours and hours. So when you reach the toll high way everything looks great. 3 lanes, new tarmac, green all around you actually feel like you are driving in Europe. Then you exit the high way and join the road that leads you home. Lo and behold there is a new toll lane to make your journey even quicker. At first you say to yourself: "wow someone is really thinking of me". But then you start thinking to yourself, hold on a minute. Only a couple of months ago this lane was mine, FREE and now I have one less lane. I am all for progress and improving our ways even for a coast, but it feels weird to have something of yours taken away from you and then having to pay in order to get it back.
Well I guess using it will end with me waiting for the "ransom" note. You think though, if I won't use the "use to be mine lane" or pay the "ransom", they will fill it up with cement so no one else will be able to use it?


  1. Everything in this fucking country is "held for ransom". My fucking television for Christ's sake is at the mercy of a $100 a year fee, that's
    called "Channel 1 "culture channel fee" (some culture). Fuck them.....they can take my fucking $100 (and they do) & shove it up their ass. Bituach Leumi just took 8,000 shekels from me for a 2009" miscalculation/underpayment" in taxes (their calculation), Tel Aviv Municipality holds my photography business for ransom at 3,700 shekels Arnona Tax for 80 fucking meters in the basement. Let's face it, they have us by the balls (and those without), even our vote means nothing, absolutely nothing, you can vote Labor or Meretz, or Kadima, and find yourself in partnership with Shas the next morning. The only way I can avoid being in partnership with Ovadia is NOT to vote. Our entire life here is up for ransom. Oy ve

  2. That's exactly what I have said to Amir last week when we drove back home from Jerusalem! unbelievable! The same and worse is happaning around Our! KINERET...

  3. Save some money people, cause soon we are going to pay for the dirty air we are breathing...

  4. אני לא מבינה מה אתה מתפלא, את חופי הכנרת לא לקחו ואחר כך "החזירו" בתשלום? ואת חופי תל אביב לא לוקחים ואחר כך נצטרך לשלם כדי להכנס? זו השיטה וחבל, חבל.



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