Sunday, April 10, 2011

Men are from Mars, women are from venus

Without any connection to the last post I wrote, IKEA has crawled it's way into this blog once again. This time it did so with the help of a different and clever campaign for non other than of course "a tidier home". IKEA for years does what any other leading and intelligent brand does.
It keeps on "taking" in the same language for years, the beautiful thing about it, is the different approach. Here are two examples for ads done 10 years apart, although the creative is different the message is still the same.
By now you are saying to yourself: "what's all this got to do with the title", well take a look at the 2011 commercial attached and you'll see...


  1. הפרסומות מאד מוצלחות עובדה שכמעט כולם קונים באיקאה, הפלצנים צובעים את הרהיט בצבע אחר אבל קונים! תודו ,הרעיונות שלהם נפלאים, יש להם פתרון כמעט להכל,והפרסום מקסים.

  2. לא ממש הבנתי מה רצית לומר :-)



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