Saturday, April 23, 2011

You are not the target audience

Every one that works or used to work in the industry knows this sentence and probably used it in more than one occasion. This sentence can mean a few things and usually refers to a client or a person that doesn't understand or likes your creative work. It can mean: you're an idiot who doesn't have a clue, or you're too old for this or simply, shit I didn't think about this but I can't really say that. But lets face it, mostly it just means, fuck off I know best. That is why us creative people need all the creative competitions such as Cannes, Clio Etc. It's basically our work being judged by well... people like us. Work that has been created solely for this purpose. Not for a client, not for a certain audience, not for anyone but other creative people.
Every now and then I find myself showing someone some creative work, my own or not and getting the response: "I don't get it". So of course the first thing that pops to mind is: "you are not the target audience". But after thinking about it a bit more I realize it's true, most of these were created for a different audience.
I guess it's like that phrase: If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Well? Are you the target audience?


  1. במקרה הזה, אני בהחלט קהל היעד, אבל זה אחלה תירוץ בשאר המקרים...

  2. אפילו אם אני קהל היעד, ואפילו אם יש לי יכולת לרכוש את זה ... אני בטח עשיתי את זה יותר טוב...כי אולי לא בא לי לפרגן , אחי... אנחנו שנינו מאותה הברנז'ה... תאכל תחת... !

  3. nice אחויה that the way 2 buzz up & hit fb with new followers to your blog, no like? keshet liblich is anonymoous, yet?....

  4. I've Been here...

  5. אני אצטט את חני:
    "אתם עסוקים בלהצחיק את עצמכם"


  6. Smart, I like the Heineken ad a lot.



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