Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Silence of the fish

Every year since 1993 Haaretz newspaper holds it's competition for the best creative print ads "The Golden Fish". This competition is basically heaven on earth for creative people. Of course it's meant for the best of the best, crem de la cream of the advertising world, a place for them to show off their best of the best work, but do they. Now for the past few years there has been a growing group of ad agencies who decided that the competition in its current form is not good and maybe not even an objective one. It's probably OK that the same agencies always win, if they had the best creative that is. But the real issue here is that the creative work itself, (not all of it of course) is getting worst as the years go by. You know what, not worst but defiantly predictable. But as a Creative Director by profession and a Creative Director by heart, I think the audience deserves more.

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  1. היום המודעות פונות ל"כסף" אם אתה מבין את הכוונה שלי. כמעט אין בהן תחכום, הם צריכים לפנות אליך כדי לראות מה זה "חושבים עמוק"!!!!



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