Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caught playing with yourself

Tens of thousands of Sony PlayStation users woke up this morning to a new day. All of a sudden they realize, that while they were playing PlayStation games, someone was playing them. It appears that hackers broke Sony PlayStation's code and where able to get all the gamers personal information including their credit card details. Scary shit... but should we be surprised? Should we be upset with anyone but ourselves? It's not like we didn't give our credit details willingly. But still what can we do? The world out there, is going in there, online. More and more by the minute and it's not getting cheaper. So we can't run away from using our credit cards online, but we do have one way to protect ourselves...
use someone else's credit card.


  1. רעיון הכרטיס של משהו אחר יוצא מן הכלל. אני מחפשת עכשו...

  2. גדול! משכנע! אני שוקל פיי-פאל חחחחח
    כן, זה הבעייתיות בלפרסם קטגוריה בלי בידול ברור
    כן זה משכנע, אני צריך איזה פיתרון לעניין -> מי הראשון
    שעולה לי לראש? פיי-פאל -> שווה לשקול פתיחת חשבון שם (((: זה היה קו המחשבה שלי



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