Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please leave a message after the post

Nowadays it's all about staying connected. Our cell phone is always with us and of course never off, in case we might miss something. We even get angry at people who don't answer their phone. But when you decide not to answer yourself, you all of a sudden get an alert from someone via chat on your cell, so there is no escape. Plus we are online all the time with our computers as well as our smart phones. But even this weird need to connect is not really about connecting. It's basically about keeping in touch and yes there is a big difference. Take the FB comment for example. You are commenting about something that could have been poster a few hours ago, so you are basically leaving a message. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But I look at it as calling someone, praying (long time ago) that the answering machine will pick up so you could leave a message instead of really talk. Because then you are the good guy, you kept in touch. So this post is basically my way of leaving you a message. But next time if I want to talk to any of you I will call, I'm sure you will pick up.


  1. איפה אתה? אני כבר מחפשת אותך שעה.....



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