Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twins seperated at birth

Once again I find myself shocked as I am watching an Israeli commercial on TV. Have I seen this before I think to myself, it looks new but I am sure I have seen this before. Ho yes 2004 Cannes festival, O a winner too. again this corner shares with you my readers my disgust in the lack of originality. You be the judge... again.

The fake:

The original:

The Ad agency's comment (we've got to be fair):
"The idea for the campaign was born in our creative department. Well into production we watched the talked about commercial. It is important to clarify that the script is an original one."


  1. בושה, איזו חברה זו

  2. אני מוכנה לסבול מחוסר מקוריות רק בשביל עוז זהבי...

  3. זה לא סתם העתק זה העתק ב,"ה" הידיעה. אני הייתי מתבישת.



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