Tuesday, April 5, 2011


IKEA has branded itself as a worldwide leader in manufacturing a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products and selling them at prices so low that will make them affordable by as many people as possible. But what it really did is cut off the middle men. IKEA has no designer packaging, nothing is pre-assembled, nothing is being delivered and you can't buy over the phone or the web. But when there is a will there is way. There is a new start up that caters to those who are just too lazy and offers a new service. This company will go to IKEA for you, buy for you, deliver everything to you and will even put it together.
Now the obvious questions are:
1. Will people use this new service, built (for now at least) on one brand and will it last.
2. Will IKEA catch on and start it's own service... doubtful.
3. Will IKEA buy this new venture out... not.
4. Will the world continue it's rotation without a hitch... most likely.
I myself vision a shark that lives in symbiosis with it's cleaner fish. As long as the cleaner fish does it's job the shark lets it eat of him. But if by any reason it stops, well...
Someone will need some assembling done.


  1. first, i need a service that thinks for me what do i need to buy
    than, i need someone who calls to the service that buy from ikea
    than i need the service who buys, brings, builds
    and at last i will be so happy to find a service that pays for all this...

  2. רעיון טוב מאד אבל הבעיה בשרות כזה שהם לא משתמשים בעינים שלך ולקנות בלי לראות זה לא זה. מה לעשות .בשבילי זה כמו הספרים האלקטרוניים שאין להם ריח ואי אפשר למשמש אותם וזה חלק מן ההנאה. אצלי, זאת אומרת.

  3. אני עם שולי, ואם אפשר שגם יטפלו לי בדואר, כי זה אחד הדברים הכי מעצבנים, מלבד חוטי חשמל והמראה המבולגן של רגליים של כסאות אוכל



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