Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigger than life... at least taller

When you see yourself as bigger than life kind of guy, you think nothing can touch you. Usually it's true and nothing dose. But every now and then life slaps you across the face just to remind you that you are not quite as big as you imagined. Today I was riding my electric scooter to work in a diffident way to the one I use every day and as I drove through a gate, little did I know (or see) that at the top of this passage lies a metal bar. Now, being 186cm on a scooter of at least 30cm height didn't help much. So.. as my body moved forward along with the scooter, my head and neck decided to stay put. I can only describe this as an outer body experience. Apparently when you are out of your body you seem to have time for the "more" important things in life. Thank god, it gave me enough time to save my scooter from falling and most of my cloths from getting tainted with blood. But as for an outer body experience, well I must say I'd rather stay inside my body a bit longer thank you very much.


  1. ועכשיו בבקשה שאמא תקשט לך את התפרים עם חרוזים!

  2. מה עם הצפרדע? לאיזה מרחק היא יכלה לעוף? וישששש

  3. החלק הרציני זה שתודה לאל שלא השארת את הראש בצד השני של השער , ההחלק השני זה שהכרורג קבע שקודם היית מאד יפה ועכשו אתה גם מאד סקסי!!!



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