Thursday, March 17, 2011

Destruction, connecting people

Destruction by any form is the concept of damage to an object, system, or being. The amazing thing though is the fact that only in the face of destruction we seem to rise to a different level of consciousness in which we are all friendly, supportive and helpful. Why is it then, that only in the worst possible cases we are able to act, well human. Two days ago we all came out of our homes, offices, cars and stood for 5 minutes for Gilad Shalit, every minute for every year he has been locked up. For those 5 minutes there was no religion, no curses, no cars beeping no nothing. But at minute 6, everything went back to normal. So I guess we need to find a formula that will help us start acting like human beings.
Or, start creating more disasters.


  1. צודק כמו תמיד. אם לא קורה משהו נורא אנחנו מתנהגים מגעיל אחד לשני אבליותר טוב שנמציא משהו מהר לפני המשהו הנורא הבא.

  2. I disagree, i didn't went out side. i wasn't an hypocrite like the rest of the people.



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