Saturday, March 26, 2011


Picture yourself an average day. You finished everything and you go to sleep with the thought that tomorrow you have to be at work on time (because your usually not) because there is a lot for you to do and you have to stay focused. An hour into your deep sleep your youngest daughter decides this is the right time to wake up. Now there is no real reason for her waking up, it's not for a glass of water or anything else equally as important. It's just to wake up and go back to sleep (once you are there of course). Now it's late and all is quiet, until... once you step out of the bedroom. Our psychopet (psychopath & pet, all rights reserved to Maya Farber) starts it's insane miyao, a non stop one tone repetitive miyao that doesn't stop. Then when you get "rid" of this one, the other one starts gluing itself to your legs while you walk, purring so loud it actually sounds like there is a carpentry next door. After twice or more times waking up, you find yourself in the kitchen garbing a drink and then you hear the dog on the floor next to you licking itself with a sound that resembles a monkey chewing on a soft banana.
Now picture this on a daily basis, for four years...
well that's what I do, picturing this that is, because it's all hear'say, I never wake up.


  1. חחחח...
    סוף סוף משהו הצליח להצחיק אותי היום.
    בכל מקרה, לגברים באופן כללי יש שמיעה סלקטיבית

  2. אני מבינה טוב מאד את ההרגשה הזו ועם כל זה שזה מאד מצחיק{ כששומעים על זה כמובן} זה לא דומה לשינה עמוקה שנפסקת בבת אחת כי החתול שלך החליט שזה הזמן להתאמן על קפיצות למטרה מגובה, כשהמטרה היא החזה שלך, אז תהנה מהקולות שלך....

  3. יווו התעייפתי



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