Friday, March 11, 2011

In a nutshell

Earlier today I was standing in line at the connivance store. A young woman walked in and stood next to me in the same position as if to pay (without standing in line of course), "what do you need", the sells man asked, "Just cigarettes" she replayed. The all thing took maybe 2 minutes, but in these two minutes there were no excuse me, no thank you, no do you mind (from both of them). Obviously I didn't really care due to the fact that we are use to this kind of "shit", and lets face it, it is shit. This is just one "shit" in one particular day, but these "incidents" happen on a daily bases. At the doctor's clinic it's "just a question", at the supermarket it's: "just two things I am really in a hurry", on the road: "I made a mistake can I just over take you (after overtaking a line of 20 cars)" or the best one like today the: you are so see through that I don't even have to give you the time of day. Today I've had an epiphany. The time it takes to an average Israeli driver to start driving from the time the light changes into orange (not even green) is Israel in a nutshell. There are of course numerous theories to why that is, but me... I have to plead ignorance on this one.


  1. מישהי פעם אמרה שבישראל הצפצפה של הרכב מפעילה את הרמזור...

  2. זה מרגיז?! ומה עם האנשים ששמים את סלסלת המצרכים על הדלפק ליד הקופה והולכים רק לקחת משהו ששכחו? ולא דבר אחד? אבל כיף פה , זה הכל שלנו!



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